How Browns’ Kevin Stefanski is handling virtual coaching and reality parenting back in Minnesota amid the coronavirus pandemic. Updated Apr 02, 2020; Posted

What do you think about the Cleveland Browns hiring Kevin Stefanski as their next head coach?

Never heard of him. Just another in a long line of head coaches for the Browns. We’ll see how well he works out. Let’s hope Stefanski’s input on who the GM should be is a good one. As a fan of the Browns, I’m really tired of the musical chairs the head coaching position has become for this organization. From what I’ve heard Gregg Williams, the interim head coach after Hue Jackson was fired, who had a winning record in his short stint, didn’t want the job. Can’t blame him. The Haslems should just butt out and let the GM run the show, maybe the results will be much better. That or sell the team to someone who knows what they are doing on the actual football side of things.