Virtual reality — the other world, so to speak – has in this moment of transformation become the sum total of reality. In that time before the coronavirus struck, we

I want to be a virtual reality developer. From where can I start? What are the best learning materials?

Do a programming course first, I’d recommend C++ language and any good course from Udemy. Follow that course and try to learn the principles of programming. Also try to practice it as much as you can. You might get bored at times but try to concentrate on it and try to be patient.

Once you’re familiar with programming, see if you’re comfortable with it, or if you like it. If you do, congratulations! You’re ready to dive in this super-powerful tech. But if you don’t, I personally would recommend you to see if your passion is something else. But if you don’t like coding and you still want to be a VR Developer, Unreal Engine has a brilliant blueprint scripting system (aka visual scripting) which is for artists or non-programmers. It is very easy to use and you can make a complete game with it in Unreal (although there are ‘some’ limitations to it, but they won’t bother you unless you’re not working on a AAA project)

When you realize you are interested in programming, you can continue learning it to advance. The better you be at it, the better professional you would be as a VR Developer.

After you’ve got your roots in coding, you can then buy and follow a game development course for either Unity or Unreal game engine (I’d recommend Unity) from Udemy or any other online courses website. I would strongly recommend courses by Sir Ben Tristem, he is just amazing.

Hey you really reached at this point!? Congratulations again. You’re now a game developer. From here on, you can buy any course for VR or you can just use the VR SDKs with whatever engine you work with and you will have no difficulty in working with them and making VR games.

AS A BONUS: If you want to be a demanded VR developer, try studying and understanding the theory of presence, or how to make immersive environments.

Good luck!