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How will virtual reality change advertising?

The world of VR and AR is a beautiful thing and it wasn’t even thought to have been possible 5 years ago.

But here we are! In the height of technological greatness.

However, this question is a good one! How will VR change the shopping industry? It is a great question as it is expected that this tech will be mass produced soon and will be cheap enough to be purchased by the normal tech geek in a few years time.

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So how do you use virtual reality as a sales conversion tool?

  1. VR provides the means for companies to create and present ideas and prototypes to potential clients without having to create a physical prototype. This saves them money and it allows for a completely new experience for suppliers and vendors.
  2. You (as the buyer) will be put right in the middle of the simulation where you are able to virtually try on clothes and see how it fits you. This saves you time and effort and can you imagine not having to return something because you didn’t have enough time to try it on at the store?
  3. When it comes to property shopping, VR allows the potential buyer to be able to view and immerse himself in the property and have real-time experience with the house. This saves the real estate agent, the customer and even the tenant so much time and energy.

VR gives you a full context to everything you view. You get to see and feel and experience everything from the comforts of your own home.

There are a few more great changes that VR will bring to the shopping industry and I feel that this article will have a lot more information that I can produce right now.

I do hope it helps! Have a great day!

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