Virtual reality video shows damage coronavirus can cause to lungs in a matter of days. Doctors at George Washington University used a 360-degree VR camera to

What is the consequence of ignorance?

The consequences of ignorance is perpetual ignorance until there is chaos.

Ignorance extrapolates in many, many shapes and forms, just like feces – there are zillion kinds of them.

One of those excrement beauties which I’d like to expound on in this answer is our current communication age.

I find it deeply disturbing to observe how communication breakdown between human beings all over the world, only grows exponentially in spite of our revered technological achievements.

A current consciousness that revere DATA as the epitome of progress.

In reality, it is nothing but the bowing down and the blind adoration to a 21st century Golden Calf.

Humanity is utterly distracted.

Not because we are unable, but because we all rely on the same data in favor for self-awareness and discernment.

We are currently living in a world where the blind is leading the blind.

It is clear to me that we will only experience the further dehumanization of people, the further inhumane behavior we will instill on certain classes of people, all under our best intentions.


Look at the Coronavirus fiasco for example, how humanity only creates chaos from something that is not even remotely close to a crisis.

Where the “crisis” only exists within the human mind as crippling fear because it is the utter confusion within our minds that is projected outwardly, then translated into appalling decisions.

Human parrots of all kinds – especially in the media – who parrot what the datasets come forth with no inkling, scrutiny or critical thinking whatsoever.

Parroting what others in governments and scientific fields parrot themselves out of fear of responsibility and consequences. It is such a shitshow: No one wants to wait and think things out, no one wants to take on a responsibility so they hide behind the safety net of white lies.

Let me tell you something: if it was a real deadly virus we wouldn’t have the time to take the precautions we do now with this one. If you watch closely you will see that the coronavirus is not more dangerous than the average influenza virus that comes anew every year, which is responsible for far more deaths than this one.

They only talk about the number of deaths, which is practically non existent in relation to the number of the population, not even closely remote to epidemic levels.

They rarely if ever talk and present to the public the far reaching numbers of those who get to be cured from it on their own. And in spite of all that they treat it as an epidemic and follow suit with respective, appalling decisions and behavior. Inflating things to one enormous gigantic bubble of panic, and the result is it becomes far more damaging than the underlying reality; A reality where less and less human beings are able to really see.

Which to me is THE definition for madness.

Look at the chain effect of this; The disruption in the material world, commerce, tourism, etc. an explosion of uncertainty anywhere in the world, from the individual to the larger collective that brings unnecessary hysteria.

An ignorance extrapolated as human beings that go about exercising what they think is their right for safety by beating up individuals who do not carry on a face mask, or do carry one.

What a sheer lunacy: it all depends where one is in the world – either wearing a face mask or not, will render them to be beaten up by the mob.

On the collective level we have all the good intentions, while on the individual level we treat individuals worst than we treat insects.

The collective is becoming superior to any individual human being, forgetting that it is the individual who makes the collective, not the other way around.

Look at the insanity – we don’t have a collective solution, so what we do is we perpetuate uncertainty, we amplify it to panic levels and expound the doubt on a collective level, where the doubt is transformed to anxiety, and by that worsen what this virus does in actuality.

Then, we take actions to patch over those anxieties as (horrendous) actions against the individual in the name of : “I’m helping you” – and this is what the homogenized media parrots over and over and over again.

And the rest of the world – lemmings – who in turn, clap their hands and bow down to the datasets.

It is so clear to see that the collective is deeply fearful and has no idea whatsoever. So instead of honesty, we have the endless cover-up by individuals who know nothing- their faces, their body language, completely contradict what their mouths are saying.

However, on the individual level, the human body is fairly resilient and adaptable. We tend to forgetting that vaccines came AFTER the human body and its attendant immunology.

It shows how much arrogance and fear exists within the human mind, which by the way is a very dangerous mix, – where we have completely lost all confidence in the potential power of the human body .

What a complete utter distortion.

It is just a reflection on what will happen when things are really going to become crisis.

That’s what’s dangerous.

This is only a snapshot of what’s coming for all of us: Human beings will quarantine, will barricade others as cattle all under the best intentions.

I am not worried neither am afraid of this virus. I am only wary of human beings and their ill decisions. I am wary of their ignorance and the zero level of awareness, and how each decision they make, come forth and propagandized as ‘best intentions’, have a chain effect that is horrendous in their dehumanization and indignities they inflict on the individual.

Where the level of incompetence is so abundant, and the way they deal with such incompetency is by masking it with horrendous cover ups and ill decisions. “We are on top of it”.

We cry about never going back to an holocaust while are so blind to see that it will, just not in the same fashion, not in the same package.

It will come back as all kinds of ways human beings will treat the other out of sheer hatred and spite that is harbored within them by eradicating the other who is different and therefore deserve “punishment”, thinking they are doing what is right.

This is our modern-day ”enlightened” collective.

All of this is due to the fact that we are all blind, consuming the same datasets without any reason and discernment of our own.

Where we cannot see anymore.

A current reality that one’s dumb phone is one’s epitome of their life.

It is the biggest hologram in existence.

A time where the average individual comes up with so many projections a day that they can no longer discern for themselves.

If you observed each individual and their so called involvement/interaction with the world, it is nothing but an selfish existence in a bubble made up by a hook of perpetual cravings, come forth as notifications and constant (illusory) rewards or the lack of them, that creates constant nervousness.

It is the biggest lie.

Humanity is utterly distracted.

It is distracted more than ever.

I see the ludicrous decisions human beings make, I observe the complete fallacy in their thought process and the horrible conclusions they come up with as a result.

Progress has seized to exist, but humanity cannot see it because it has lost long, long ago, the ability to really see.

What do you expect?! Our heads are constantly bowed down; All glued to our dumb phones thinking we are achieving a lot, being fooled by the not-so-smart algorithms, which are only designed around the depiction of quantitative rewards, while the qualitative results in reality, are far below the zero line.

Thinking and believing we are unique, while cannot realize that everyone is dependent on the same datasets, interjecting and multitasking zillion of tidbits of initiations that make our mind over worn and heated.

Everyone is doing exactly the same thing.

The thinking of being unique while the current, ever-growing homogenization of humanity is one of the myriad of definitions for ignorance.

A simple look at our world and how human beings operate, they have become more and more like headless chickens, running around being busier than ever, anxious than ever, preoccupied with things that in reality do not matter, ever glued to their tablets and dumb-phones just like a junkie’s need for a fix.

Ever caught in multi-tasking while craving a chemical reward for their ongoing nervousness, believing they are completing things.

Unaware that each text they send, they open a channel in their mind that remains open, and so they do it endlessly, creating a spiraling reality of multitasking that never goes anywhere, that is never brought to completion.

Multitasking is the biggest sham on earth, it doesn’t make you a hero or important, but only gives you the dopamine rush that bonds you into slavery mode and fantasy that you are accomplishing things.

We are much more nervous than ever, are much shorter within our attention span while becoming top-notch, fake actors who are very good at concealing the fact that we can’t listen anymore, so what we get is a pretentious listening consciousness: where each individual fakes a reality they are focused on and attentive with the other.

The attention span within the human being is diminished in exponential rates.

If you take that same behavior and look at it 10,20,30… years ago, that same person that had that impetus, let’s say in a working environment for instance, where some manager while at home, got the light bulb in their heads that they want to share their whatever with an employee, that manager had to wait to a time where he or she would be next to a telephone, or by the time they meet them at work, or by corresponding to them.

In other words, in the past, because of lack of immediacy in execution, one had the “luxury” of time to assess whether it was good to execute into action.

So lets say by the time one had to commute to their work, one had the time to process that thought, or that idea that were positive will make the difference in whatever the case may be.

Nowadays the immediacy provided by technology, gives us the illusory legitimacy that simply because it comes up in our brain, as a stimulus, as a trigger, means we can immediately manifest it into instantaneous communication.

I have talked about it before, how a conversation that can take a few minutes is stretched over, within a textual communication, throughout a much longer time frame, often times the whole day, and the jumping between the back and forth eventually lead to great inefficiencies.

We do it simply because we prefer to disengage and remain hidden, feeling protected behind our screens, that eventually causes for less and less clarity in communication.

All of this, inadvertently, creates a bottleneck syndrome and eventual disaster of cramped up information that is not important. And yet, this unimportant information is being digested, regurgitated and focused with a great zeal.

In any work environment for example, these instant modes of communication are basically doing the reverse in efficiency.

Eventually, when it is translated to actions and decision making what you get is so much unnecessary spending as a result.

Human beings do not understand, neither are they aware of the importance and the mechanics of attention – wherever one’s attention is, is where they can in fact, create something.

Where the average human being is dependent on a notification fix every few minutes in their day, in order to surpass a nervous boredom that arises within, never present, never centered within their bodies.

With this shitshow, what we get is a consciousness where an attention on one thing is easily disrupted by a an array of pings, dings and sounds and all kinds of dumbed-down forms of stimuli, that swirls the human mind from one thing to another, dispersing their attention to so many things that they can’t really do anything fulfilling in the end.

It becomes a vicious circle where one’s safety net from lack of attention is all about going back to their device, in order to retrieve it.

The bad joke is that they never do.

What a Comedia del arte with humans as players.

I have talked about it before how this basically will bring the collapse of economies because no one is actually present.

Humanity suffers deeply from communication breakdown all over the world.

And the irony is that it is present within the human individual, meaning that it is everywhere: I see it in parliaments, I see it in corporations, I see it within the media, I see it in any human interaction; no one listens, only awaits their time to express their “supreme awareness” in the form of blame on the other.

It is such a joke – human delegates, celebrities, government officials, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, wannabe-influencers and what not – all communicate with the world and with each other via twitter and social media.

Everyone farts their own thoughts into the collective air as a reactive nervousness and applaud it to be as the greatest service to humanity.

A hypocrite, ‘me, me, me’ mentality that only focuses on words, and verbal expression in favor of example.

The enlightened communication age.

The adoration of twitter as the zenith of human communication is nothing but a form of a dumbed-down, communicative ignorance.

We poop, pee and wash our inner-dirtiness, our ugliness and self-hatred harbored within in front of the collective, believing they are pearls of wisdom that must be shared in order to make our personal contribution and service to society.

Where human beings are utterly unaware how they are corralled by a dumb platform to voice their toxic thoughts into the air, deeming them to be effective means of communication, only to become ever-glued onto the ether of the internet.

Where nations, delegates, presidents, governments, journalists, entrepreneurs, celebrities, you name it – communicates with the public via instant text on Twitter, as their most highlighted “meaningful” event of the day.

It offers no value whatsoever.

When our current media fish the twitter waters for stories just to keep afloat, you know then that the human mind is very near to collapse.

It is true!

It is the mental plane constituted by all of us, that is the most messed up plane of all. Add to the mix an underlying emotional turmoil percolated underneath, and you have the perfect time bomb, ticking…..ticking…..

How human beings are unaware how the media works, how editing works, how when one presents a video footage, it is more often than not, missing a beginning and an end, which clutters the ability to derive a wise point of view.

So what we get is a swarm of people who are utterly controlled by their emotional turmoil that runs underneath, unaware of it, who vomit their toxic “wisdom” as quickly as possible, without reflection, without contemplation, which are basically non existent nowadays because everyone is controlled by the addictive devices and their respective underlying addictive algorithms.

Human beings have long gone seized to be present and centered within their bodies.

All they want to do is vomit their unresolved emotional explosiveness as a 240 word count message.

Unaware of that that specific thought that is turned into a textual form, is cemented forever on the virtual web, just so that in 10 years time some hot-shot journalist can fish it out of the twitter ocean and juxtapose it in order to prove a whatever narrative they are trying to push: ”Hey, you have said this 10 years ago, it means you are a homophobic racist.

While the rest of the lemmings make decisions based on such video, – a video that now has a “smart” title attached to it, made up by a hotshot wannabe influencer, who firmly believes they have done good for society, and the rest are all going off ranting and unleashing their turmoil in the form of canceling the other.

It is so disconcerting to watch.

Without reflection and contemplation there is no possibility for progress.

This is how disconnected the human being has become.

Disconnected from their bodies, completely non-present, and non-grounded.

Just like a bull that is chained to a master by the reins hooked to their nostrils, so are they by the mind controlled by, and tethered to their dumb phones.

Their heads are like a kite pulled by the strings of their devices, and the body tags along and suffers.

It deeply suffers.

The distorted irony is that only when we become disabled do we realize the helplessness of mind and its attendant desires that only stay as dreams, never get to be pursued or fulfilled because when the body is immobile there’s is nowhere to go.

We have completely and utterly given up our bodies and our respective intelligence and awareness to the mental agents of darkness.

Lemmings who cannot see anymore, all glued to the same outpouring of homogenized data that is ever dumbed-down to the lowest common denominator, where the average person cannot navigate their way to the supermarket without an anxiety-calming device to hold onto, let alone be able to navigate a life.

Unaware that they are all marching to an abyss.

Humanity is deeply desensitized.

Welcome to the age of hypocrisy.

People cannot see themselves, it really is mind boggling to me, unaware how unaware they are becoming day by day by diminishing their awareness to a gadget.

Their phones run their lives. No matter how rich or poor, educated or uneducated, noble or common, this or that – all, are slaves to their phones.

They keep drinking the kool-aid that says: successful means grinding it.

That being busy is healthy.

Unaware how like hemline rats they are led into the abyss by the tune of multitasking as healthy busyness.

Unaware of the inefficiencies they create with every single interaction, which they deem as positive.

Unaware how they overextend themselves merely by being attached to a device that constantly interrupts their ability to focus on something, which takes them away from ever being present.

Unaware how the illusion works, how the mind works – how by juxtaposing one image to another, a story in your head evolves. Change a picture and the story too, will change respectively.

How endless respective stories are created simply by juxtaposing the details differently – basic stuff!

It is inconceivable, to the average individual, not operating a day without their phones.

It is also their emotional service guide gadget; We are with it more than any individual in our lives, we take it and have it all the time with us as a safety net in dealing with our uneventful lives.

Human beings are totally unaware to the mechanics of it, and if they are, they instantly sigh: “Yeah you’re right but I can’t do anything about it.”

The typical automatic answer immediately interjected by the fearful mind, only to keep one’s enslaved to it.

Observing from the sideline, it shows a possessed human. It is true – humans are possessed and they don’t know it, which makes it scarier than hell. Because they have all lost their organic connection to their innate GPS function.

How today by creating an instagram story from your bed after waking up, adding some redundant, cliched quote, is one’s carrot and reward as a chemical fix, to gain sympathy in order to validate one’s existence.

All of this tech obsession and multitasking are merely a hologram that enslaves humanity into nothingness.

When the individual is constantly disengaged, there is no focus anymore.

When there is no focus anymore, you have centrifugal expenditure of energy and resources into all directions. In turn, this brings for the degeneration and decadence of mind.

From there it is just a matter of time when the chaotic and unpredictable surpass the ordinary and predictable. You then get to see and experience the killer monkey within the human gets loose.

In the end, we have an age that is really, really incompetent and infertile in communication.

Where the decision making is solely based on how things appear within instant media, vs. on how things are in reality, on the field. And the ever growing dissonance between the two that brings the collapse of communication within humanity.

We are deeply in the illusion thinking that our technological solutions are awesome. Well, it is a sheer disguise.

That’s the bubble everyone’s in.

Before I conclude on this crap show, I’d like to be clear about certain things; The mind has a tendency to see the life as an extreme binary, a mutual exclusiveness if you will.

What I mean is that, since I’m criticizing technology, it does not mean the other extreme is the solution. That is, I’m not a great fond of all those going-back-to-nature movements depicting having no technology as THE solution.

It is not about the evil come forth as technology.

It is also not about finding a collective fix to the tech “problem” because it never works that way; Oh, but we are so good at that!

We constantly patch over with patching solutions such as coming up with all kinds of apps that help one track this and that so one can be “mindful” and all the other superfluous, spiritual lingo that says so much but is all vacuous of essence.

It’s not about creating another doctrine – nowadays it is fashionable to come up with all kinds of the-next big-thing that everyone should do as a whole, just like another diet fad.

It never works: It’s merely a reflection on our obsession with patching mentality.

Like the example of guns, and pretty much anything else that is part of a binary – it is the same in here – Technology is not “bad” or evil.

It is the combination of the individual human and their self-awareness or the lack of it, combined with technology, that either creates efficiency or the opposite, decadence and further ignorance.

Everything lies in the individual human being. Everything begins and ends within the individual human being.

It is always about ignorance that brings forth distortion, in any shape or form, and in our current age it is the latter that gets the most means of expression.

Secondly, there is a tendency to attach those things I am writing about to a certain group. For example, where so-called adults such as parents who complain about their kids overusing gadgets.

Something I find hypocrite; Hypocrite parents who grind their phones throughout the day while they try to curb and control their children’s dumb-phone time and expect obedience.

Unaware parents that cannot realize that we are entering the age of example, if I can call it that way. A role modeling consciousness – where it is no more about leading by words but leading by example.

Our world is filled with humans who can never experience self love – our inherent, natural state. They only compare themselves to others all the time, trying to fill in the void by superficial and external stimuli.

One can never be able to experience what is their inherent gift/specification, when their mind is enslaved.

Awareness cures.