Sean O’Neill, director at real estate adviser TWM, believes a strong landlord and Banking and Payments Federation of Ireland (BPFI) and Minister for Finance …

Due to the coronavirus, I’ve been laid off work until further notice. What should I tell my landlord?

I am a property manager and a renter.

My advice is simple: Be honest.

Check as to what is going on in your state, like here in Denver, they’ve stopped all eviction proceedings. That doesn’t mean that you’re not responsible for rent, that just means you’re given some breathing room and don’t have to worry about being homeless on top of all of the other stuff going on.

As a property manager, we will be seeing A LOT of this over the next few months.

You HAVE to tell them what is going on. I’d MUCH rather work with a tenant who is honest and upfront about their situation (especially in this situation) than someone who just falls off the face of the planet.

It’ll be OK. Just be honest, and tell them now instead of waiting.

It’s scary right now for a lot of us, including landlords/property managers, and renters. I am in both those categories!