The “Global Automotive Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market by The global automotive AR and VR market is expected to reach $53.76 billion by …

Will Apple’s stock share rise to 300, 500, 700, or even 1000 USD in the coming years?

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About this topic, I wrote a post some months how Apple could become in a $2 Trillion company by 2037, revamping its Services Unit:

$AAPL: 10 Crazy Ideas About How Apple Could Become In A $2 TRILLION Juggernaut In The Next 20 Years

The price target I put there was precisely $300 USD per share, but there are major opportunities that could rise the Apple´s dominance even more.

The Apple´s Opportunity in Healthcare

Nikhil Krishnan, a Senior Intelligence Analyst at CBInsights wrote an incredible research about the Apple´s opportunity in U.S Healthcare sector, which is a $3 Trillion sector. If you want to truly understand Apple key plays in the sector, you must read this report:

Apple in Health Care

Augmented Reality

There are several reports that Apple could be working in an AR headset by 2019, but AR is already here with more than 1000 apps currently in the App Store.

This is another massive market too that could bring to the company, but the real deal could be the applications of AR in the Enterprise world, especially in industries like the global construction industry, which could worth $15.5 Trillion by 2030, according to PWC.

Apple could be in a great position here with its partnership with Deloitte. Precisely Deloitte Insights wrote an incredible resource called “For more companies, new ways of seeingwhere Ryan Kaiser and David Schatsky shared a lot of insights about the AR in the Enterprise:

A growing number of enterprises—even those outside of gaming and other consumer entertainment subsectors—are testing and adopting AR and VR technologies. Last year, Deloitte suggested that the time had arrived for enterprises to begin experimenting with the technologies.

Many companies have since begun to test and deploy the technology, and our conversations with hundreds of executives have surfaced strong interest in AR/VR.

Our analysis of more than 150 AR and VR pilots and deployments suggests that they can be grouped into four categories.

Apple could be working in a software platform for Self-Driving Cars

This could be another catalyst for the Apple´s price rise in the upcoming. The team at Loup Research wrote about this:

Another option is for Apple to license its technology to current auto manufacturers for use in their vehicles. Apple could be the OS of the future for cars. This may be the more likely option. In order for widespread adoption of fully autonomous vehicles, cars would need to have hardware and software integrated into their design that would not only operate the vehicle, but also communicate with surrounding vehicles at all times. In this scenario, Apple would expand its presence in the automotive market significantly and further expand the halo effect of their product lineup into autos.

With the estimates of 10 Million self-driving cars to be in the roads by 2020, just imagine for a moment if Apple could release “the software brain” and just 10% of that number of the cars could use it, and create an Enterprise subscription service like part of its Service Unit:

1 Million cars using Apple´s software, paying $150 USD per year per car, could bring $150,000,000 USD per year.

So, a detailed business strategy could make Apple an ever bigger company, could rise its price dramatically, and in the long-term, could bring more value to its shareholders.