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What are three things you should cut out of your life if you are depressed?

  • Social Media: If you are feeling depressed, and you fear that you’re on your path to depression, the first thing I would recommend is to deactivate all your social media accounts for at least 10 days. Social media is a virtual space which takes us away from reality, and when we see ‘picture-perfect’ life of others, we can feel even more depressed. So it is better to take a break from social media.

What to do instead: Go for a trip. Preferably solo, but you can also go with your family or friends. It can even be a little getaway for 3–4 days. A change in a place, new city, new weather, a lot of activities, all of it can rejuvenate you a lot.

  • Negative people: We all have a few people in our lives who just makes us feel bad 24*7 for no absolute reason at all. Even a few minutes of conversation with them gives us a long-lasting irritation. Well, time to let them go for good. Maybe you and they are just better apart. It is okay. One should know how to let people go.

What to do instead: Try to make new friends. Talk to new people. Join some clubs in your city if you can, like photography or some book club. Meet people with same or different interests. Positive people bring brightness in life and makes us feel good.

  • Stop spending time with sad aspects of things: When people feel depressed, they somehow start writing dark poetry, listening to sad songs, or just lay inside their dark room all day not talking to anyone, not doing anything, just sulking curled up like a ball, maybe crying. No. Stop. These are the exact things which will pull you deeper into depression.

What to do instead: If you want to listen to music, listen to peppy and party songs. If you want to write poetry, write about hope and faith. Instead of sulking in a dark room, switch on the lights and read a good book, especially in the garden or balcony. Instead of crying, try to talk with your family or friends, even if on call, even if it is for 10 minutes.

I have suffered from depression, and I exactly know how it feels. I also know a lot of youngsters are either already depressed or on the verge of depression. The kind of lives we live today, it is very easy to fall prey.

However, there is one ray of hope. Depression can teach you a lot of things about the world and your own self. Life is very beautiful, and life is very short too. You blink your eyes, and suddenly you’ll be 70 without realizing where the time flew by.

So never let anything like depression defeat your zeal in life.

Life is going to examine you at every step, and you have to take all the exams with a smile.

Be ready.

Be strong.