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Why the companies like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel do not have good cartoons like 2000’s? Now there are full of teen sitcoms.

This is partially due to the cheapness of the shows. The tween sitcoms take a lot less time and money to make than animated shows. They have the advantage of hiring attractive teenagers for the tween audience which tends to attract a lot of kids who have crushes on the actors or actresses. This is also because of the KGOY syndrome. Let me explain, Because of Hanna Barbera’s mass produced badly written cartoons and the terrible 70’s decade in animation, Animation was virtually associated with badly written content purely for kids. While the late 1980’s through the early 2000’s brought really creative cartoons and animated features, during the late 90’s marketers began to emphazize tween’s and growing kids older than what they actually were. Really sexy clothes and celeberties were heavily marketed towards younger kids. while pop music was advertized towards kids. This was reflected in the mid 2000’s the highest rated program watched by kids was not a cartoon like FOP, or even Spongebob but fox’s American Idol reality show. In addition 2001 brought Kidz Bop which sold obscene amounts of CD’s despite being utter crap, as well as Bratz dolls, Britney Spears, and Pink, among others selling music to Tween Girls. Then came Hannah Montana and High School Musical which sold a crap ton of merchandise and tween girls flocked towards their concerts. Because of those successes Nickelodeon began to abandon cartoons and focused on sitcoms made to sell CD’s and music. for example Icarly was Nick’s response to Hannah Montana(they competed for merchandise sales and they got Miranda to sing even building an entire episode towards singing some of her hit songs). Nick then signed a multiple show and record deal with Columbia in which it would publish Miranda’s CD’s and all Nickelodeon tween music as well as a co production company on shows like BTR(a cash in on Jona’s Brothers), and Victorious(a cash in on both disney’s Sonny with a chance and fox’s glee), the latter show was built spesifically to sell CD’s. Nickelodeon aired music videos featuring its “superstars” on lterally every commercial break. These shows were extremely cliched and unorgional. during this same time the KGOY tactic was used a lot on kids and they became pressured to be older. because of this kids have barely grown out of the early learning shows and immediately go to the tween sitcoms, because in their mind cartoons are “for babys”, or “for young kids” and that the live action shows are “more mature”. As a result they miss out on shows like Gumball, Harvey Beaks, El Tigre, Big City Greens, Star Vs, and tons of other cartoons that would take forever to list. Now this is because of a combination of the Animation Age Ghetto, as well as the KGOY tactics used by networks and advertisers.

Let me explain, My niece never got into the “mid tier cartoons” and went straight to the sitcoms because they are “more realistic”, I am not bashing opionions but this represents how kids are marketed at younger ages. She wanted to have cosmetics and “adult makeup” at a young age but her mom(my sister) would not let her until she was older. Having growing up during this era this made me watch cartoons mainly on Nicktoons, old PD cartoons DVD’s, or tapes, Disney XD, or Boomerang. I was never a fan of the sitcoms but I practically memorized them because my neice loved them. Looking back I realize how much these shows were trying to market music and CD’s to tweens as well as celeberities like Kiesha. While some sitcoms can be good(Andi Mack, some other examples) most of them feel like designed to sell CD’s and concerts to tween girls.

I do not think animation is purely for kids and it is a medium and an artform but if it is disrespected by movie studios and TV stations it will be associated as a babysitter for little kids.

There is hope. Currently Brian Robbins the new president plans to care more about the Nicktoons and hire more artists and greenlight more series and not cancel series based on instant hits. He is even going in the vault to see if there is potental series in those rejected pilots.(or so he says)

So the reason for the clogging of Tween sitcoms is because of KGOY and the animation age ghetto as well as the effects of celeberty marketing

Epilogue. I was able to locate exact costs of a sitcom compared to a cartoon by a person who worked at disney. An animated series takes 6 to 9 months to complete while sitcoms take 3 days. Animated shows cost between $100,000 to $250,000 while sitcoms cost $15,000 to $30,000. DSitcoms get average to explosive ratings(mainly due to celebrity culture Nf KGOY) while animated shows get ho hum to average. And then there is the crucial element. Music. Animated shows if they sell music sell only through CDs while sitcoms like hannah montana make boatloads of cash from excited tween girls.Corperations are not satisfied with earning decent profits. They want to earn all the money to please the actual customers the advertisers and shareholders. If it is not intimate growth then the stocks will drop and investors scuttle away.