Virtual Reality headsets are now making tremendous success in the tech world and its not just because people now stay at their homes but because playing VR

How can I become a millionaire by capitalizing on the Pokémon GO trend?What business or startup ideas can I employ to capitalize on the Pokemon Go trend? Surely someone will find away to make money from it.

  1. Buy a plot of land
  2. Buy 100 Oculus Rifts
  3. Pay some whiz kid programming team to port Pokemon go into VR
  4. Charge £20 to hire the headsets for a couple of hours
  5. Set down lure modules for guaranteed catches for paying customers
  6. You now have a real life Pokemon Safari Park!
  7. (Build a bar in the safari park)

EDIT: This got way more attention that I was expecting, so here are some potential other ways to boost the money making / general all round appeal of this idea.

  • Build your Pokemon Safari Park near shopping centres / Walmarts / Tescos, parents can drop their kids off for an hour whilst doing their weekly shop.
  • As mentioned in the comments, provide a lounge area with an assortment of video games for friends/partners who aren’t Pokékeen!
  • Find high level Pokemon Go trainers to employ as your staff, and provide them with funds to set down lures. (higher level players attract better Pokemon.)
  • Multiple safari parks within travelling distance = Pokétours / Drinking Pokétours for those old enough to drink!

Edit #2 – In response to comments posted.

A lot of the comments seem to focused around the issue of Pokemon Go being a fad / gimmick / trend, that will pass by shortly after setting up said Pokemon Safari Park.

For agurments sake, let’s say 6 months down the line things dry up, people aren’t playing Go anymore, and nobody is coming to the safari park:

You still have a shed load of VR headsets, and more importantly a plot of land. While Pokemon Go may have dried up, it is fairly safe to say both AR and VR are on their way in, not out.

With very little effort and expense, you lose the Pokemon theme, purchase some new VR software, alter your land environment a bit, and you now have a real life VR maze / escape room business – the limit to how far this could go would depend entirely on how quickly your developers could churn out new VR environments that match up to your real life environment.

Now for arguements sake – let’s say VR end up being a gimmick / fad and also dries up, you have the following options:

  • Bulldoze the land, build a property with the profits you reaped during the Pokemon Go / VR craze – boom, you’re in the property business
  • Sell the land.
  • Set yourself up a tasty little paintball company on the sweet ass environment you built and modified.