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Why are some people still learning programming at their late age as they should know they have no chance to reach someone who started at early age?

Let me tell you why. Let me tell you my reason.

Hi, I am 61 with Multiple Sclerosis. July 2017, I started to learn programming languages to help my brain to function better; not to get a job or to be better than others. My mother tongue is Turkish. My genetic info shows Turkic, Russian and Irish background. I have been in many countries with only five years of education-no brains for school. I don’t like working for others too.

I have a property transaction happening at the moment (sale of my own factory) so I stopped learning coding for about 4 months due to stress management. I will go back to it by March. I have to run my business (renting out property), look after my teen and bedridden wife. I walk with a walker to prevent falling, but I am so grateful I can drive. I do all of my own cooking etc. I use a scooter for shopping. You have to prepare your own food if you want to eat healthy-I stopped eating outside completely. (Oh my God, I am becoming a poet!) Even the Bread is processed!

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012. I’ve probably had it since my early twenties from the symptoms I remember but always dismissed. After my diagnosis and learning that there was no cure for MS I stopped my Interferon treatments (Rebif 44 since last five years) also stopped all the other medications, noticing that they were not reversing my MS at all. I was getting so cynical, I decided to reverse it myself. Since I did not do anything for money, curing my own MS would be easy. There was no cure because people had to earn a living and make money, if there was a cure who was going to look after all of these doctors? Through exercise and healthy living, I started feeling better and better. The price of medications and their side effects were huge. Plus, they were making me sicker than I had ever been. By starting a wholefood plant based diet, becoming a vegan, losing weight (93 to 73 now-about 20 kilos) and exercising, I improved my walking and symptoms by about 50%.

Do not do what I do. You are not me, and I am not a doctor.

Last year I started to learn a new language: Chinese, to help keep my brain busy. Then, I decided to try computer languages, I thought it was more difficult than learning Chinese-I was sure that I had to learn maths etcetera. The only maths it needed was some simple addition and subtraction! But the public thought one had to be a genius. There are so many programming languages! They are fascinating. I loved it. I thought, someday I’ll manage to look at myself from my laptop say hi to myself.

It’s said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I think this proverb is wholly untrue. For much of the history of neuroscience, the adult brain was believed to be a fixed structure that, once damaged, could not be repaired. As I researched, I learn that it is actually a highly dynamic structure, which changes itself in response to new experiences, and adapts to injuries. A phenomenon referred to as neuroplasticity! My brain might be getting damaged by MS, but it strives to repair itself too. One day, I want to run again.

That is why I am learning to code.

Thank you and kind regards


Hey! Since April 2018 I am walking without a walker! Started selling real estate again for somebody who was working for my company 1997. This March 2019 I became the top selling agent while walking like a drunk! People say, many have worse problems and its ok! Stop living in the past build up (or down) and go forward. Thank you for being there and kind regards Call me AL but call me.

2018 Decided to sell houses again joined somebody’s firm who use to work for me. Decided to sell more than everybody in the firm.

2018 May my bedridden wife got of the bed! She started to help me.!! Walking better still no medication.

你好 – Ni hao= Hello ( you are good!)

2019 May. Selling houses Sold more houses than everybody in the firm 2018-2019 (27) still walking upside down at times sufferinga lot when hot in the afternoons. Not using walker most of the time no more. But hey, I educate and motivate so many people during work I am ecstatic.

Will start my own Real Estate firm in 2020 again and will reverse MS more and I will walk better. I will!

Be well all, Alaaddin Call me Al but call me.

I am so lucky, have done it again, this time with MS at 63! 2019! A.. kicking side kick and partner: Suraiya! Never work for a salary. Yes!