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How do you feel about the Quora partner program?

It might work. But I decided to leave it.

I was invited to the program in the spring. I like asking questions and do so as a practice. I didn’t see any problem. I kept with my usual kinds of questions like these:

Those are the sorts of questions I ask, along with reviews of certain Westworld episodes, questions about the Bohemian Rhapsody trailer—stuff like that. I don’t ask a lot of questions as weeks can go by, and nothing is boiling in the kettle.

I was earning very little money—really pennies, and I don’t exaggerate. It didn’t bother me as I wasn’t expecting much, plus I had hoped my questions were improving Quora. I too, despair of the low question quality.

Then I began to see that people were earning some big money per question. I don’t remember them, but I know these were questions I would never ask. They were along the lines of interviewing at Google, what do you do when ___________, have you ever___________ and so on. I began to feel that I did not belong in this group.

I finally decided I wanted out when I saw that a few people had joined the program, and admitted to flooding Quora with every kind of question known to God’s green earth. All of these people said they were doing it for the money. That bothered me, but then I thought: “Of course, they are doing it for the money. We are getting paid for questions.” My question income was so low that I knew I was motivated by something that feels silly to admit: excellence. I wanted to write good questions.

I want to maintain my definition of excellence in everything I do on Quora. I began to read what others thought of the program—Quorans that I respect. I didn’t want to be associated with question flooders. I didn’t want to be seen as someone who was taking money away from writers. I have written quite a few answers myself—2562. If you have never seen me on Quora, the majority of my answers are in Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Godfather, Breaking Bad—-fandom topics. If you aren’t into fandom, then I am not your huckleberry.

I didn’t know people were so angry about the program. But I tend to be the last to find out anything on Quora. I am more concerned with explaining the character arc of Jaime Lannister. I have even written found poetry using A Song of Ice and Fire. It is easy to me to live in oblivion. When I found out, it was another thing to make me feel like my time was up.

I will ask questions when I sense an inquiry coming on. To those who may have thought the program was taking away money from the writers,I believe I made a whooping 10 bucks for 6 months of questions. I will happily buy you a beverage.

I am overeducated and underpaid. I have degrees in literature, language and education. I made a decision a long time ago that I would never make a lot of money from my work, but I would make enough. I cannot do something only for money. I need a personal connection. I don’t have that with the program.

This isn’t meant as a criticism of Quora Partners Program. It just isn’t me. I have my little world here in which we debate whether Tyrion is a Lannister or a Targaryen (he’s a Lannister, I say). I love those discussions. I just want Quora to remain my happy place.