five bathrooms and 19 parking spaces. The sale of the property is being managed by Ross Smith and Jacqui Ilicic from Sotheby’s International Realty.

Can the Costa Concordia be refloated, repaired, and put back into the service?

It certainly can be re-floated but it’s unlikely to be put back in service because the cost to repair/replace the damage is likely to  outstrip the cost of building a new ship. It’s also unlikely because Carnival wants to expunge the memory of this incident from travelers minds and future passengers might be put off boarding an unlucky ship.

If you are interested in similar incidents then look up the “Pasha Bulker” which was pulled from the beach, repaired, renamed (it’s not the M/V Duke ) and put back into service. The Exxon Valdez is another example, it was repaired, renamed the Mediterranean, and enjoyed many years of service before being (recently) cut up for scrap.