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What are the top virtual reality companies?

TOP Virtual Reality Leaders October 2019

  1. NEXT/NOW: NEXT/NOW is an award winning creative technology agency that produces next-generation digital/physical experiences for world-class brands. Location – Chicago, IL. Min. projects size from: $50,000+
  2. Groove Jones We are best known for our award-winning work in AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), ML (Machine Learning), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Application development. Location – Dallas, TX. Min. projects size $50,000+
  3. VR Vision Inc. We offer a wide range of turnkey immersive technology solutions to give your business an unprecedented competitive advantage & immediate and measurable ROI. Location – Toronto, Canada. Min. projects size from: $25,000+
  4. CitrusBits CitrusBits is a mobile app development agency that designs and develops impactful mobile apps and responsive mobile content for businesses of all types. Location – Los Angeles, CA. Min. projects size from: $25,000+
  5. LOOKNAR Studio Virtual and Augmented reality studio with an extensive knowledge in most relevant stacks. A team of designers, developers, 3D artists and VR engineers with an extraordinary vision to amaze and impress users minds. Location – Kiev, Ukraine. Min. projects size from: $10,000+
  6. Experience Virtual and augmented reality development is our core competency. We offer full stack solutions and software development services at the highest quality possible on all existing platforms and devices. Location – Bielsko-Biała, Poland. Min. projects size from: $5,000+
  7. Program-Ace A successful, time-proven, and innovation-oriented IT company with more than 25 years’ experience. Since 1992, our team of experienced developers and artists have completed over 800 projects in different fields. Location – Kharkiv, Ukraine. Min. projects size from: $10,000+
  8. Subvrsive Subvrsive is an innovation partner for forward-thinking brands. With deep expertise in emerging technologies, their team helps some of the world’s leading enterprises achieve positive ROI by leveraging Virtual and Augmented Reality. Location – Austin, TX. Min. projects size from: $10,000+
  9. Saritasa A full source Mobile App, Web, AR/VR, Software, Systems Architect, and IoT Solutions provider that efficiently implements the design, development, and integration of complex technologies. Location – Newport Beach, CA. Min. projects size from: $25,000+
  10. Bit Space Development Ltd. BSD is an Interactive Innovation studio focused on building solutions that utilize immersive technologies to engage users. Our technology has been used for training, education, marketing, and more. Location – Winnipeg, Canada. Min. projects size from: $10,000+