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What is the best picture you took from a mobile camera?

Disclaimer : Ha ha. Don’t expect some award winning photographs or High Definition wallpapers for your desktop or mobile. Later, don’t blame me. These are just a few random clicks that are way close to my heart ❤️ ! 🙂

Rajahmundry Godavari Arch Bridge :

Location : Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh ( near my home town 🙂 )

Time : ~ 5 P.M

The sheer presence of a pair of love boats in the serene Godavari river between the two architectural bridges, during the sun way back to his home, seems to be eternal ! ❤️

The atmosphere was so calm & peaceful that, you will forget the chaos of the external​ world. All you can hear is the unwinding sounds of a calm river & chirping sounds of birds. Felt like one can stay there in a small sweet home forever !! ❤️ ❤️

The perfect symmetry of bridges, tranquil river, floating pair of boats & the dusk made it top in the list of my dearest pictures !! 🙂

Some more random clicks :

  • Welcoming one more fine day with their ingenuous blossom !! *Say, hello world*
  • Excuse me, Someone thrown some cotton balls out of flight window ! *What, why are you looking at me !? I don’t know..!!*
  • Dedicated to all the bike lovers ! *Bike is my 2nd ❤️. Sorry, Quora replaced the 1st ❤️ position !*
  • Raining Pepsi ! *Hurry up. Limited period offer*
  • Hey wait ! I found something behind the bush !! *What are you waiting for ? Click a candid shot !!*
  • Someone left us in the balcony ! Feeling isolated 😦 *Poor newton apples. You deserve the punishment for our childhood physics exams !!* 😛
  • Who can spot the miniature Taj Mahal !? *Someone give me a magnifying glass*
  • Even pebbles can unveil their beauty, when they fall in impeccable eyes.!! *Stunning stones staying strong*
  • While sharukh​ is busy, helping Kajol boarding the train ! *Oops..He forgot his hat & trolley near me. DDLJ journey continuing for 21 years. I wonder how many kms did poor Kajol has run till date. Yet, still didn’t board the train. Come on sharukh. Pull your senorita..Lol !!*
  • OMG ! A hijacked​ plane about to hit Qutub Minar, the tallest brick minaret. *Highly confidential*
  • Flowers competing each other for a snap ! *Awwww..How cute !*
  • Hey bro, I found something yummy here ! *Do you want to taste it !?*
  • Who wants​ to get locked in a room of apples !! *…mee…*
  • Poor roadside flowers should deserve the attention too !! *Don’t worry, I am here for you*
  • I had enough Chlorophyll. Do u need any ? *Paint it green*
  • In the memory of martyrs ! *India gate, the gateway to a secured​ nation*
  • OMG ! Just found the largest lotus on the planet !! *Not everything is made by god*
  • Please tell me that they are not cakes ! Yes. Unfortunately they are !! 😦 *How will people get hands to cut such adorable art of dolls !?*❤️
  • Somebody propose me with this gigantic bouquet ! *Cheeks blushing*
  • Shoot that dilon ka (hearts) shooter with this cannon ! *Rolling eyes*
  • Lost in the lush green tea fields in ooty ! *Green tea.. lemon tea..this tea..that tea.. whatnot every kind of tea is available..*
  • Architecture at its best ! *Close your eyes. Roll the dice. Pray to God to reach the abode.*
  • Meet Mr.Monkey king !! *Just had a break up with his queen. Don’t disturb.*
  • Majestic Mysore palace ! *You are the mighty king for the day you visit*
  • That’s all for the day. Signing off. Way back to home..!! 🙂 *Yawning tiredly..*



*Dreams being played infront of the eyes…*




*❤️ ❤️ Then appeared in the dreams, the world’s most beautiful monument of love filled with sheer brilliance, captivating elegance, royal grandeur and pure magnificence… ❤️ ❤️*

*The dream continues..on a way towards the much more eyeful beauty of Incredible India…*

Mobile : Lenovo ZUK Z1

Photography levels : Amateur

So, Mr.Professional photographers out there, please spare this kid for his novice photography skills. He is on a mission on improving the skills now. You can suggest enhancements, if you feel any !! 🙂

Thanks for your time..!! 🙂

Image Source : My Mobile, Digital camera

P.S : While most of the pictures are taken using my mobile, a few are taken using a digital camera ! 🙂