Oculus Rift S vs. HTC Vive Cosmos: Which VR headset wins? By Rami Tabari in 15 hours. A battle in virtual reality.

Should I take the Oculus Rift or the HTC VIVE to work with VR?

Both are solid choices, and you won’t regret either. However, there are a few pluses and minuses.

Generally I find that the Oculus Touch controllers are more comfortable and intuitive. Whereas the Vive controllers are like magical wands that you wave around, the Oculus Touch are designed to function as your hands. Even my mother, who struggles to play an easy Mario game, could figure it out in a few minutes.

I find that the VIVE has a slightly better display, but neither are bad.

If price is an issue, then the Oculus wins out easily. Even when buying the full package, including three sensors and two touch controllers, you’ll still be spending less than on a Vive. This makes the Oculus the budget choice. You can even get the Oculus headset separate and buy the controllers later if you’re really on a budget!

One thing I should warn is to watch out if your USB 3.0 ports are limited. Oculus needs at least one 3.0 port for your headset, and one for each sensor. You can get away with using a 2.0 port on a sensor or two, so you can get away with two 3.0 ports if you have to.

Also, If you’re planning on designing VR peripheral hardware, Vive seems to be giving a lot more support in that regard.