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What are the most progressive towns in Florida?

Progressive places in Florida? Here are some top-of-mind thoughts:

Gainsville, for sure, where you have the University of Florida and a huge, well-educated, university population and workforce.

Other progressive areas would be Broward and Palm Beach Counties, which benefit from many migrants from New York, and the big northeastern cities. (Exclude the Trump clan, please).

Orange county (Orlando). It is moving left, more so now that it is absorbing tens of thousands of Puerto Rican hurricane refugees (Trump and his FEMA incompetence to thank for that). Orange county is also host to a huge entertainment industry and they tend to be a tad more progressive than most populations.

Leon county (Tallahassee) home to Florida State and many government workers.

Miami Beach, where I live. But the sort of progressivism we have here has a pro-business strain, e.g. global warming must be dealt with not to save the planet, but to preserve property values and tourism. It is practical progressivism.

Miami-Dade County is a mixed bag. It used to be fairly Repulican, but as the older immigrants die off, the younger folks are more to the left on issues. Three curently Repulican congresional districts may flip this November. And I believe the county commission is now majority Democrat (the elections are non-partisan buy you can usually suss out who is what). A special election just saw a really progressive candidate win over a traditional, name-brand hispanic Republican.

St. Petersburg (Pinellas county) has progressive moments. I’m less familiar with the Tampa Bay area but St. Pete has a relatively large-for-its size LGBT population and a generally more laid-back, live as let live retiree area.

Oh, and that reminds me: there is Key West. That place ranges from far out Libertarianism to far left, with lots of eccentrics all over the spectrum.

That all said, the state still has swaths of far-right, old South territory. Some of the inland Panhandle I’ve experienced (I call it Floribama) on road trips reminds me of the old movie Deliverance. Or Alabama, 1965.

And then there is The Villages. Hard core Trumpland — like 80% support — with older, culturally threatened, bitter folks from the Midwest who have retired to a 1950s style fantasy land of golf courses, manicured lawns, and far-right politics. Like the Stepford Wives, on Social Security.