This world-facing 3D scanner will offer users better augmented reality experiences. The feature has been rumored for years and this must be the year it finally

Is there an upcoming AR revolution, and how has Apple pushed it with ARKit?

We are already living in the Augmented Reality revolution. Some skepticism is warranted, to be sure. But in the 21st century, the revolution is is faster. Paradigm shifts that used to take years or decades, now routinely happen in months.

Apple is poised to become the world’s most popular and powerful purveyor of AR apps. Like most AR demos, Apple’s promised that Augmented Reality could introduce its users to another layer of existence – by turning an iPhone into “a lens into a virtual world.”

ARKit is also well known as the biggest thing or tool that happened to the AR industry. It has a jump-start on the required technology to make AR viable. ARKit is already proven to be easy to use and technologically robust. Maybe in the future, who knows, Apple be leading to charge and kill off its iPhone line in order to shift customers to the new upcoming Augmented Reality revolution.

ARKit is the source for a later, but larger and massive push into AR-infused devices.

The company has a team of experienced and great engineers that are working on smart glasses, and the next iPhone should be revolutionized by including front and rear facing 3D sensors. The prediction says that they should be released later this year.

By using ARKit and its power, we can make our own AR iPhone app. Before you can actually explore the tool, we have to follow the steps that are needed to get the computer and mobile devices ready.

This is the BEST ARTICLE for making an AR app by using ARKit, here on a simple way and by following steps that are presented in the article, is shown how to deal with ARKit and how to create AR app using Unity 3D AR/VR platform.

So, let’s start the AR revolution with ARKit!