Virtual reality (VR) offers a solution to the travel bans companies all over the world are facing and the restrictions on large gatherings that are being imposed by

How has the coronavirus affected people living in China so far?

I am an undergraduate, I want to show you something amazing from a student’s perspective.Due to this epidemic, all of the Chinese universities, high schools, junior schools,etc. keep the students of going back. But China is going through an unprecedented experiment—— that is Distance Learning !!

As government’s statistics, in 2018 China has about 0.27 billion students. Is it a big problem for so many students studying at the same time on the Internet?

Thanks to Internet tycoons—Tecent, Alibaba and many others— they soon upgrade or develope the online Conferences and Study softwares. Most importantly, ALL FREE OF CHARGE!

These are just some of the softwares we may choose from, and we also use QQ and Wechat for communicating between teachers and students and for peer-peer help.

(These teachers are streamliving the class)

Of course, without the great 4G or even 5G, it is impossible to achieve all of these. And you can even learn through TV! They are recorded previously.

Another great means is MOOC, so many many

So all of Chinese students do not give up learning these days Although ther star of term postpones, never will the learning do. And the teaching scheme will not change. It really requires and tests your ability of self-control.

It is an experiment, so there may be lots of problems bubbling up, but we will all thumb up for our country, for our respective teachers.