We keep forgetting that virtual reality is still in its infancy, not it’s prime. So developers need more of a push to create these types of games for VR, and Valve wants

Why is Half-Life: Alyx a VR exclusive game?

It is absolutely VR only.


I would be hurt to think that this would be something bad for you, or any other gamer.

I bought an Oculus Quest for $400US. I would say this is firmly in the PS2–3 category of console. And as a console, it is rather exclusive when it comes to titles. Of course, those with a PS 4 are getting a ton off crossplay, especially with titles like Beat Saber.

In order to play Half Life : Alyx, there will be some minor hassle to make it work with the Quest, but if you have a friend with a PC and the right cable, you’re set!

There was a moment last year when I nearly took my tech fund and bought an Xbox. I reasoned that I could port the game I’m designing to the Xbox console for only $100.

But then I learned it’s a hundred bucks to release to Steam anyway, so I was soured on the idea of paying for two markets. I could publish a VR game to Steam and save $100 bucks, and hit a nice niche market while it’s still small. Well, it was small. Emphasis on WAS.

If you buy a VR headset to play this game, you’re not spending that money on one game. You should let that sink in.

VR has so many free experiences available that it would make your head spin. VR doesn’t charge you a ridiculous amount of money for social interactions. As a matter of fact, VR’s most social platforms, like VR Chat, are completely free.

Here is my final thought before I leave you: VR will be indistinguishable from sunglasses in about five years. If the bulkiness is a turn-off, don’t worry. In about four to five years, you can play Half-Life: Alyx wearing nothing but a pair of contact lenses.

If the wait for less bulkiness is interminable, may I suggest getting a headset, or making some popcorn and watching me stream Half Life: Alyx (and all the other Half Life games in VR) on Twitch.

That’s right. I just got my Oculus Link cable.