The robot is trained using virtual reality (VR) simulation of the restroom to show the robot what it has to do, such as where to spray chemicals and clean and

Game concept and design.Choice. A visual novel game.

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Choice. A visual novel game.

Game Summary:

The game is depicted in a visual novel style with some scenes or objects in a scene being depicted as a continuous video, eg. a still image of a room with a TV on a table but the TV is showing a video feed. A typical scene consists of clickable objects or NPCs. Following the correct clicking order or dialogue responses unlock more clickable objects or NPCs and earns “revelation points” which can be used to increase the success chances of an encounter. Successfully completing encounters may unlock character abilities. Most of the game’s dialogue is text-based but main character dialogues, narration and important NPC dialogues have actual voices.

Game Objective:

The game plays like an investigative mystery science-fiction. The objective of the game is to survive, unlock information about the story, save as many NPCs as you can and ultimately beat the story.

Personal notes regarding this document:

I am not a writer. Character plots, arcing choices with consequences, character dialogues, etc are not things that I am good at. I have laid-out the general outline of the game, it’s pace, style of presentation, a bit of lore, and description regarding the main story progression. I had a very hard time setting-up the scenes which make-up the bulk of the main story. If and when you use this concept, feel free to add your own ideas or modify it as long as you do not change the antagonist/s and their nature/origin, the dystopian setting of the world and its inhabitants and the technology which is portrayed. I apologize in advance if my concept has hurt your religious or techno-philiac or even political sentiments. This concept was made to encourage people to question the meaning of their existence, the world which we live-in and the ramifications of technology. I have also made use of certain brand names/company names & real world locations to embellish the story and better represent the idea which is being explained. These names do not hint or propagate any negative connotations to their real world counterparts. They are meant solely to derive a viewpoint in comparison to our real world which we live-in. A hint and the possibility that things may not turn-out in a way that is popularly believed.

The Beginning:

You are on the daily commuter subway train. Returning home from work after another gruelling day. You are John/Jensine Han Low. A second generation naturalized citizen of the USA. Your folks had emigrated from mainland China around 40 years ago. You have been living in Sunnyvale, Ca. all your life.

“Why is life so unfair? What wrong have I done in the past to get a fate like this? From my Boss, to the ass of a colleague in the next-cubicle, to the scrawny intern and the janitor – all of them seem to have a beef with me. They enjoy making my life hell. The Boss has rejected and asked for a redraft of a report that took three days to finish. On top of that, he wants a resume of the Hancom deal ready on Monday. The asshat in the next cubicle ate my lunch which I had left in the microwave and wouldn’t stop whistling some silly tune all day long. When I confronted him about it, he grinned like an idiot and denied it completely! The intern spilled coffee on me while gesticulating to the other interns. Oh she apologized alright but when I passed her by while walking to the restroom, I heard her mutter in an undertone, “loser”. The worst thing was the janitor. Since I was so caught-up in work, I was the last to leave the building. The janitor started rambling about his low wage and that I should make it a point to leave on time. Even he has a home to get back to. He goes on to say that his aunt passed away yesterday and that he has to attend the funeral and be there with the family. He goes on about how he was raised by his aunt and how much he owes her and misses her and is on the verge of tears.”

Although you empathize with the man, you feel a headache coming. There is a dull persistent throb at the center on top of your head. And it seems to be getting worse until you can feel

the blood pounding in your ear-drums.

You jerk from your thoughts as the over-head automated voice announces the arrival of your destination in a monotone.

Chapter One:

Scene 1:


You have dinner with your mother. There is small talk. The topic of your dad comes-up. Dad had died 5 yrs back due to a stroke. You are 33 yrs old.


I. Reading: Excerpts in various magazines.

Ia. Write in your diary. Various options about what to write. One trigger

entry example: “life is fucked up. Fuck the douchebag can’t bring his own lunch. Fuck the dickless asshole of a boss. He should shove his resumes up his own ass. etc.” [whatever entry player makes in the diary, there is a direct offensive response to it as he surfs the TV channels].

Ib. Excerpts in the newspaper: add reference to “loser”, “33”, “stroke”, “underdog”, “John/Jensine”, etc. All evoking an outburst.

Ii. PC Internet: You switch on your PC and your favourite Matrix Theme greets you with it’s source code trailing down your screen. You check your mail. Thunder rumbles and there’s a downpour outside. You look at the window, rain water drops down against the glass in ever increasing rivulets. The electricity is down. Your mom yells from downstairs. “John! Check the inverter battery! There’s only light in your room. It’s so bright. Power’s down in the whole neighbourhood.”

Iia. Ignore mom. Perspective on PC screen. Full screen. Clickable web-pages: ArsTechnica, BBC, Russia Today, CNN. Death news on all pages. Some random news headings, one trigger on BBC Weather Today: Male 33 degrees Celsius. Thunderstorm with light showers.

Iib. go down to the garage and check the inverter battery’s fluid level. Refill distilled water. *next door noise of a couple quarrelling and street dogs barking*. Inverter starts working. You have power. *Return to room*

Iii. TV: Trigger choice. Messages on changing multiple channels as various TV characters speak their dialogues: “…you are a fool..” skip “… he had a stroke..” skip “… you’re getting there too” skip “.. you underdog loser..” skip “.. time’s up John”… You switch-off the TV.

Your breathing becomes heavy. You are pissed off at something. You don’t know what.

Iv. Go to sleep: Perspective encircled with mist. Walking along a beach that extends beyond visibility. Boy sitting on an out-crop of rock out towards the sea. You stop and ask him where this beach leads. No answer. Ask who he is and where he’s from. No answer. Then as you are about to walk away, he asks, “What are you looking for?”. You reply, “I am tired. I just want to sleep”. He answers “You already are”. Dream ends.

Scene 2:


The alarm wakes you up. Your headache is gone but you don’t look forward to the whole Sunday working on the HanCom report. You head downstairs.

There’s a mug of coffee, two fried eggs, and a loaf of bread with the margarine beside it.

You heat your breakfast in the microwave oven and notice a note from mom on the counter, “Gone to the supermarket. Will be back in two hours. Wash your bike.”

With your breakfast over, you:

I. Head to the garage to wash your bike: Take your bike outside. While you are wiping your motor-bike with a glaze, a flight of birds squawk over-head and a sizable amount of bird poo drops on your head. You touch it not knowing what it is and curse the birds. You wash your head with the water-hose, or head to the loo to have a shower. [Bird poo: trigger contaminant. Will initiate Phase I symptoms regardless of how the player cleans himself].

Ii. Go to the loo: Miscellaneous activity.

Iii. Switch on your PC and surf the net: You begin to wonder if there is such a thing as complete freedom after reading an article on RT. You surmise that there is no such thing and that privacy is just a commodity that is up for grabs by the highest bidder. Everywhere you look online, you see the effects of a dominant player exerting its influence and its doctrine on those that are less influential or technologically wealthy. A few suspicious adverts flashes on the right as you read the article. You ignore them. You then post a comment at the end of the article, “This is a given. They’ve been doing it for years. Everyone else simply copied their example. If this had happened elsewhere, we’d simply have another player committing the same chain of events and the writer would be critiquing them instead.”

Within a few seconds, you get replies to your comment. And they’re indirectly threatening. You can choose to switch off the PC at any time.

Once you switch-off the PC, the symptoms start.

Random muscle-spasms on your right arm, your left calf, then your thighs. You slap, pinch and rub the area but whenever you do so, the spasm disappears and occurs in another area. It is now a pricking sensation. Like tiny invisible ants crawling under your skin. On your back, your neck, your right cheek, your temple,.. Then nothing. The sensation stops.

You take a few deep breaths and walk towards the kitchen where there is a medicine cabinet. Maybe a pain-killer will make it go away.

You take a few steps and a sharp lancinating pain hits you where your heart is supposed to be. As if something was screwing its way inside. You grab your left pectoral area and wince in pain. The pain is so severe that a thought flashes by. “Stroke”.

The world shifts into a haze as you hear hurrying footsteps and a yell, “John/Jen ! Oh my God! No!”

Scene 3:

Inside a taxi: Your perspective is clouded in a haze. Everything seems unreal. You know you are on your way to the hospital. Your mouth is dry and there seems to be no more salivary secretion. Your breathing is cautious. The region where your heart is, seems to be numb and there is a dull feeling of coldness in the area. It is interspersed with the crawling sensation and muscle spasms in random parts of your body. You look at the heavy clouds overhead and weirdly enough, their presence invokes a knowledge that you had no way of knowing. You mumble to your mother in seeming delirium, “Can you see those clouds above, Ma? We need to get there before it rains. They’re preparing to infect the whole city.” You believe that you are going to die and say so to your mom. She sharply retorts, “No way. Nothing has happened to you. You will live.”

Scene 4:

Hospital Lobby: You stare blankly at the posterior camera of a Samsung phone which is half-inside the front pocket of a visitor. You are weary of cameras in phones. They make you uncomfortable as if you were being watched by someone at the other end. The patient beside him is an old man in his early 70s. You come to know that he has just finished his weekly dialysis treatment and has been discharged. Something about the man does not seem right. You ask him if he visits here regularly. He says no. And then it hits you. The man was not undergoing a long term repeating session of haemodialysis. Something tells you that this man is in-here for the same reason as you are, except, his case is chronic.

They call your name and you find yourself being attended to by a doctor in his 40s. He is surrounded by a small group of med-students. He doesn’t even look at you, he stares up at the ceiling. He does not observe you, does not ask you questions and does not palpate any part of your body. He does not touch you even once. He looks up at the ceiling and intones dully to the attender beside him, “Psych Evaluation”.

You realize then that this fine specimen of a doctor is in essence, an automaton being controlled by something else entirely. It knows what to diagnose and when to diagnose while it’s limited human repertoire of medical knowledge is being supplemented by something else. You feel it in your gut that this doctor is not fully in control of his intellect.

After the doctor leaves for his rounds, you manage to catch hold of another in-house physician at the reception area. You tell him that you have a doubt. You ask him if it is possible to elicit a cold, numb and dull sensation in the left intercostal area by injecting a local anaesthetic directly over the pericardium. Whether this injection would cause a numbing sensation in the area or any adverse effects on the cardiac musculature or perhaps cause intermittent muscular spasms in various areas of the body. He hesitates for a moment and inquires if you are a med-student. You reply in the negative. Then he says no, it is not possible.

Scene 5:

You are transferred to another wing of the hospital. The psychiatry wing. The resident doctor there is an immaculate man in his 30s, soft-spoken, perceptive and he speaks in a British accent. He asks what the problem is. You tell him about the crawling and tingling sensation, the sleepless nights due to this sensation triggering off in random areas of your body right when you are about to go to sleep. Then the sharp pain in the area of your heart and the dull, numbing sensation that seems to spread outwards. You hesitate for a moment then decide to trust this man. You tell him that you think this is some form of nanotechnology. He smiles and continues to type on his lap-top. He then goes on to explain that there are various kinds of hallucinations and they could even be auditory or in your case, a tactile hallucination brought-upon by a chemical imbalance in your brain. Specifically, the lack of dopamine secretion. He looks at you for a moment then says, “Just to be sure, I am asking for an MRI, a USG and an EMG”. In the mean-time, I’d like to keep you here just for two days of monitoring.

Scene 6:

The MRI machine hums and bellows it’s strange discordant and repetitive notes while you close your eyes and try to keep your head still. The results showed nothing abnormal.

Scene 7:

You are awaiting your turn for an abdominal USG. There is a TV overhead with its sound muted. It is some nature-based channel. You look around you at so many people and they all seem to be in some form of conscious stupor. Suddenly, the TV voices, “..Know your place in the universe..”. You look up at the TV in alarm but the TV is silent once more. You look at everyone else around you and they all seem to not have heard it. Your turn comes and the lady doctor coats your abdomen with a gel. The procedure goes smoothly. A few hours later your stare at the USG results. The image shows a very clear and distinct star-shaped imprint against the walls of your urinary bladder. You ask the lady doctor what that is and she replies in a matter-of-fact tone, “Nothing! That’s nothing!”

Scene 8:

The EMG laboratory technician says in a low conspiratorial tone, “Do not worry. You are not the first patient who has come with this problem. We have been receiving an influx of extremely high numbers of similar cases for the past three months. If there’s something wrong with your muscles, we’ll find out via this procedure. They think they can get away with this. We’ll see.”

Apparently, the inhouse staff do talk with each other and matters spread.

The results for the EMG are also NAD. Nothing Abnormal Detected.

Scene 9:

The psychiatrist smiles at you and concludes, “I have gone through all your reports. Your blood work, MRI, USG and EMG are all normal. I’m just going to prescribe you a medication that is so small in dosage, it will hardly affect you. You simply have to take it once every night after dinner.” He prescribes you Olanzapine 7.5 mg and continues to type on his laptop.

Scene 10:

You were discharged today from the hospital. Congratulations. You now officially have psychosis. Any public claims as to the nature of your affliction will be labelled as various symptoms of psychosis.

The Evasion:

Chapter 2:

Scene 1:

3 months pass by in a blur. You live each day with the irrational dread that the symptoms would appear again. There had been no relapse of the symptoms so far and you’ve been taking the medication every day. Yet you can not shake-off the overwhelming feeling that you are being constantly watched. You get that feeling when you’re out in the yard, when you go for your groceries, when you’re at work, when you’re online and searching for answers and even when you are alone inside the loo. Your mother had bought you a welcoming gift on your discharge from the hospital. A labrador puppy. Snow white fur and all curiosity. You name him Timmy.

Timmy is a strange pup. You can not remember when he last licked you in affection. Or barked to draw your attention or even pawed at you. He does that with mom. With you, he is all ears and eyes. He just sits quietly at the corner and stares at you with his head cocked to the side. You have grown so used to his behaviour that you have started calling him your in-house psychiatrist. You now have one-sided conversations with Timmy. When you are particularly frustrated after returning from work or when you are sad or feeling alone, Timmy is always there to listen. You once remarked to Timmy about your suspicions regarding your condition and how weird the doctor at the hospital was along with the abnormal USG report, the claims of the EMG technician. You swear that you saw Tim nodding his head once at the end. Or maybe it was Tim just going about his peculiar doggie behaviour.

It is 10 pm on a Thursday. The laptop is on and there’s a pleasant draft of air flowing through the window. Timmy is as usual beside the door at the corner staring at you. Your laptop screen goes blank all of a sudden and is replaced by static. When the static clears, white words start appearing on a dark screen.

“They now know that your integration failed. You have been living outside the hive for 3 months. And they want to know how.”

You stare dumbly at the words for a few seconds then frantically type on your keyboard.

Who are you? What do you mean by integration and hive? Who are they?

“There’s no time. Listen to the cicadas and crickets. I’ll contact you again.”

The laptop screen crackles in static and once again clears to a normal Windows home-screen.

You are perplexed by the encounter and you suddenly notice that the insects outside are at an uproar with their incessant high-pitched chirps. You can almost hear a high frequency sound on your left ear and that slowly subsides to nothing.

Scene 2:

Honey Liu / Jared Wong

Depending on the sex of the player, Honey or Jared cutscene is showed. Honey is in front of her dressing-mirror, carefully pulling-on her stockings. Jared is in-front of the bathroom mirror, combing his hair. None of their faces are shown. They intone in a low voice. “He/she won’t be ready for what’s coming.”

Scene 3:

The Collective Overmind’s housing unit detaches its tendrils from the broadcasting station. The visor shifts into focus as it brings-up a holographic projection of Earth and there’s a blinking red reticule over Sunnyvale, California. The projection flickers to show the other side of the globe, highlighting underdeveloped sectors. There’s a steady suction as cold air is recycled into the cooling unit.

Scene 4:

The National Bureau of Security. NBS. The Director In Chief is in a meeting with the other junior members and investigative officers.

“What do we know about the subject John/Jensine Han Low?”

“Pretty much the usual story. 2nd generation Chinese immigrant upbringing. Grew up in Sunnyvale. Single child. Graduated with honors at California State University. Joined TelCat Corp 8 years ago. No crime history. No drug abuse history. Smoker. Loner. Doesn’t drink. Average build. Lives with his mother. Father passed away 5 yrs back. Nationally integrated at age 5. TelCat Corp has no integration hive hence an outright National host right until 3 months ago. Admitted to the hospital a total 3 times. Pneumonia at age 10. Chicken Pox at 14. And the recent admission 3 months ago. Psychotic breakdown. Takes a dosage of 7.5 mg of Olanzapine every night. Pays his/her taxes on time. Never stepped foot outside of the country. Politically Left-leaning views.”

“Pretty much a good boy. So why aren’t we seeing him on the network? Is he jail-breaking the hive system somehow? What about his online activities? Any contacts with insurgents?”

“He has no technical training in computers and his online activities are clean.”

“A puzzle. What we need to find-out is why our systems took 3 months to verify that this goose of a chink has somehow lived outside of the flock?”

“It is probably a glitch in the system. Something that we overlooked when designing the hive network protocol for redundancy in a host.”

“Don’t feed me theories. If this glitch occurs on a wider-scale, pretty soon we’ll have an entire sector of hosts waking up to a really bad day.”

“Do we bring him in?”

“Not yet. Have the techies scour every inch of the OS code. Find the flaw. In the mean-time, I want a 24*7 eyes on this guy. If he shows any signs of extra-national conditioning, bring him in”.

NOTE: I am not a writer. Character Plots, scene descriptions and conversations are not things that I am good at. So I will simplify the scenes and enumerate the major characteristics of a scene and their outcome henceforth.

Scene 5:

TelCat Corp. John/Jensine’s usual bad day at work. Honey Liu/Jared Wong entry and introduction with different names but the same voice. Asking for help, friendliness, flirtation.

John’s/Jensine’s physical confrontation with the colleague in the next cubicle. Physical touch inadvertently transfers a tiny portion of his/her nanites within John’s/Jensine’s body into the colleague. This is triggered by John’s/Jensine’s rage. Colleague goes to the restroom. Not feeling well. Colleague has a brain haemorrhage. Death. Office in uproar and shock. Cops called. Work cancelled for the remaining day. John/Jensine questioned by cops.

Scene 6:

Home. Same day. John/Jensine on the laptop. Timmy at his usual place. John contacted again by the mysterious figure. Mild admonishment at his/her loss of cool. More concerned about the risk of revelation of anomalous abilities to authorities rather than the death of a colleague.

Leaves with advice. “Find the shadow-broker. Get a pseudo US hive integrated into the body. Do not be emotionally affected by any scenario and do not visualize (which is something John/Jensine did when he/she was in a rage with the colleague and the months prior to the hospital admission). Visualization coupled with strong emotions triggers a feedback loop in the neuronal nanites and they are stuck in a stasis mode as if the host was dead. The physical touch with colleague transferred this event through imprinting via nanites.

Scene 7:

John/Jensine in TelCat Corp. Three days later. Honey Liu/jared Wong offers going out on a date tonight after work at 9 pm. John/Jensine agrees.

John/Jensine is restless and eager to find the shadow-broker but don’t know how.

Two choices: A. Search online. Go to a cyber cafe in the worst neighbourhood of Sunnyvale after work to search.

B. Give up and go on a date with Honey/Jared.

Choice A1: Tip the owner of the cyber cafe for info about the Shadow Broker. Results in the owner’s vision being a witness and an automatic call to the cops. What he sees, hears and speaks is monitored by the local law enforcement. Your use of the keyword “Shadow Broker” alerts them to your presence. You miss out on your date but is released by two NBS agents who bring you in for questioning.

Choice A2: Tip the beggar outside in the alley-way after you ask the cyber cafe owner about the Shadow-Broker. The beggar has overheard you. You will be contacted by the shadow broker later-on after your interrogation by the NBS.

Choice B: Go directly and attend your date with Jared/Honey. Option to ask them about the Shadow Broker during conversation. They tell you what they know but they have no clue as to how to contact the Shadow-broker. You have now alerted the Collective Overmind about your intentions. Jared/Honey hints that they’d like to show you their home and share a drink with you after the date.

If you agree to visit their home, they’ll attempt to seduce you and the exchange of body fluids cripples you. The Overmind has infiltrated your body. Game over.

If you disagree and make an excuse, they smile and accept it. Later-on while you are sleeping at home, a pair of robbers break into your house. Your mother is shot and killed. You are unharmed.

If you did not ask them about the Shadow-Broker and declined to visit their home, there will not be an attack in your home. You will have an option of searching for the Shadow-broker again or go on another date with Jared/Honey.

Scene 8:

You receive a paper mail this morning. When you open the envelope, you see a complex logogram with the heading “Scan me”. You take the mail inside to your room. You use a scanner. Your laptop runs a complex string of codes and self-connects to the internet. A screen pops-up which shows the camera view of an empty room. A heavily morphed voice gives you directions to an abandoned warehouse in the lower-east side of the city and tells you that you have 30 minutes to reach the location if you want the Shadow broker. It warns you that your house is being watched. The screen goes blank. The paper mail on the table decomposes in a cloud of acrid smoke.

You dress-up for work and rush to the TelCat Corp building. You get your ID scanned, meet some of your colleagues and excuse yourself to the restroom. There’s an emergency exit window outside the restroom. You make sure no one has seen you and you leave by the window and take the stairs down to the back of the building. You hail a cab, and make your way to the warehouse.

Scene 9:

As soon as you enter the abandoned building, a sack is thrown over your head, rough hands restrain you and there is a blinding flash of pain as you feel a jarring impact against your skull. Your body relaxes and you lose consciousness. You are transferred to another location.

Scene 10:

You wake up to blackness. Your head is still covered by the sack and you hear the faint drip of water to your right. You are roughly lifted on to your feet and half carried to a metallic table. Your hands and feet are tied to the table and you are spread-eagled. Various electrodes are attached all over your body. The sack covering your head is removed and you wince against the bright light and hazy figures around you. A hard metallic head-gear is strapped on to your cranium and there’s a sharp prick on your wrist as you are injected with an unknown substance.

A female voice whispers against your ear.

“Don’t be afraid. This is for our own protection”.

Your body convulses as the mixture of narcotics and nanites enters your bloodstream.

You can no longer control your limbs.

The female points at your head.

“That is to mask your brain’s theta waves. The narcotics are to temporarily disrupt your sensory and motor data and the nanites convince your hive that you are asleep.”

You know you are supposed to be shocked with the admission of nanites in your bloodstream but it hardly affects you in your drugged state.

“We’re all set.” The woman continues. “So, John/Jensine. Why are you looking for me?”

You whisper in effort, “…not infected by nanites … need to be falsely integrated into the national hive.. Was told to find you..”

The woman exclaims in surprise, “That is not possible. Our sensors show that your body houses a national hive.”

“.. they’re not active.”

“.. either you’re lying or you’re something else entirely. In all my years of brokering, I have never heard of a host housing an active hive but not being influenced by it.”

“.. believe it. They also want to know how..”

“They? You mean the NBS. So you want to convince them that you’re still plugged-in to their network. And why should I help you? My services aren’t cheap.”

“I’ve got little money but I’ll repay you somehow.”

She laughs in amusement. “You think your lowly job at TelCorp is enough to afford me?”

She pauses for a moment then continues, “I’ll help you, John/Jensine but you will help me later-on when I want something from you. And if you don’t, we’ll find you and you’d rather be dead.”

Scene 11-20:

You focus on keeping a low profile as the pseudo-integration seems to work. They can now see you as being registered on their network. Your visual data is however, unshared as the broker’s implanted nanites feed a false stream of information to the national hive and that includes visual, audio, olfactory and tactile information. Your mother’s sensory feed is another matter, however. You had not foreseen the effect of contradictory information triangulating your location and feed with your mother’s. You try to avoid her as much as you can for a few days until you find a way to meet the Shadow Broker again. You randomly meet people in the coming scenes and they elicit abnormal behaviour that can only be attributed to malfunction between the national hive input and their own. You can do nothing for them. Jared/Honey attempts to get closer to you at work.

The Flight:

Chapter 3:

Scene 1-5:

Note: Must leave the country in order to meet monk. How did you know about the monk? Mysterious entity remarks that the least saturation of hive systems in Asia to be found in Bhutan. However, mysterious also remarks that you don’t have much time. Overmind has decided to infiltrate the local population of Southeast Asian countries starting with the most heavily populated area. India. Constant communication from Jared/Honey. You are now uneasy and cautious around them but they do not give-up.

Finally an encounter where you kill them without the use of any ability. Overhead CCTV camera records your facial features. You are now wanted man/woman in California. In desperation, you make your way to the same cyber cafe but is reticent to approach the owner. Owner sees you, yells obscenities and remarks that they don’t want anything to do with the broker. The beggar is also in the vicinity. You start wandering the alleyways until NBS agents arrive outside the cyber

cafe. You are seen and you make a run for it. Running scene until a van stops in front of you. You are accosted and dumped at the back seat by armed men. Broker claims to know where you are at any moment in time via the nanites in your bloodstream. Broker offers info about third world countries being a safer destination to hide-in. She arranges for you to travel to Thimphu, Bhutan in exchange for access to all your bank accounts. You pay her everything you own.

Scene 6-9:

You are in Thimphu, Bhutan. Penniless and under-clothed. You start begging for money. On the fourth day, you meet a local Tourist guide who speaks fluent english and directs you to the Pangri Zampa Monastery where you might find food and shelter.

Scene 10-16:

You reach the monastery compound. You haven’t eaten in two days. It is already an hour past dusk. The monks are busy meditating and you try to communicate with the attenders. This is not easy as they don’t speak English. You let them know that you need sustenance and a place to stay in. They first take you to the communal bath-house and provide you with a paper thin towel, soup, a razor, a scrub. You want to ask them for hot water as the temperature is near freezing outside but you think better of it. You grit your teeth and have your bath. Then you carefully shave away the grovel that had grown in 6 days. For supper, they give you a simple meal of rice porridge and bread. You hungrily devour it and thank them repeatedly. A young, lanky attender then approaches you and conveys the message that outsiders are not allowed to live within the walls of the monastery. You plead your case but he simply smiles and shakes his head. He then takes you outside to a cattle shed and points meaningfully. You nod and are grateful for the exception in their rules. You fall asleep effortlessly within minutes, immune to the smell of cattle manure. You are woken up early in the morning, an hour before sunrise. They allot you a portion of the duties that they usually give to their initiates. And so you spend the whole day sweeping and mopping the courtyard, milking the cows, drawing water from the well and shearing

the wool off the sheeps. A week goes-by without any incident.

Scene 17-20:

Then one morning, you are called into the praying hall by an initiate.

You follow him to a small room adjacent to the large Buddha’s statue and is shocked to find a blonde stranger looking out the window. You clench your fists in alarm but when the stranger turns you are dumbstruck. He is the splitting image of a major Hollywood

celebrity. “I am George Wyatt, in case you’re wondering. Pleased to meet you, John/Jensine ”.

He goes on to explain that you had made the regional news and that he was informed about your presence here in Pangri Zampa Monastery, a place that he visits every year. You are unsure as to his intentions or the extent of his knowledge about hive systems. You blurt

out, “I know what it looks like but I only acted in defense”. He raises a brow, “Oh you mean your altercation with Jared/Honey. They were hardly in control of their actions and as it turns-out, they were hosts to the largest hive system in the USA and probably the rest of the world. You do know what this means, don’t you?”

He waits for your response.

You shake your head, not knowing what he was hinting at.

“It means you’re being targeted by an entity that functions beyond the scope of any national hive.”


“They call it The Overmind”.

He takes a seat on the thin wooden chair beside the center table. He then goes on to explain that the Overmind is the name used in the highest circles of governance. That it is the logical derivative of a Hive system is so large that it encompasses almost the entirety of the globe. This greater hive was found to exist within a large population of the citizens of America but it seems to not have any detectable function. Any attempts to scan and analyze a single specimen would

immediately result in its biodegradation. Sometimes this greater hive would be present along with the national hive but it is deemed as asymptomatic. It is theorized that since this unknown hive network is so large, it would have a central cohesive function that spans continents and that there would be a mechanism or a central figure of command but no such command network or center has been identified. Conspiracy theorists have given it a name. The Overmind. They postulate that it is the by-product of a nation or organisation working in secrecy to exert global domination. He explains that information was leaked when NBS agents arrived on the scene of the crime and analyzed the bone-marrow content of the deceased Jared/Honey. They were lucky to observe a few thousand nanites in the adipose tissue of the marrow quickly regressing and disappearing without leaving any trace. This evidence was conclusive of an external hive network.

“I believe it to be the Overmind. Whatever or whoever they are, they seem to want you dead or integrated into their own.”

“But why me out of millions of Americans?”

You somehow evaded or perhaps resisted integration to the national hive. You are an outsider. Perhaps this is why this Overmind seems to be so interested in you while the local law enforcement want you in for murder. The NBS probably want the same questions answered. You are the tip of a potential iceberg that poses an extreme risk to national security.”

“They can’t reach me here. This is the middle of nowhere.”

Geaorge chuckles. “How do you think I found you? I came to know the moment the NBS did. That attender who brought you here, Dorjee. He carries American sentiments wherever he goes although he doesn’t speak a word of English. He amongst a few others.”

Your eyes widen in horrific comprehension. You were still being watched all this time.

There’s a gentle knock on the door as George utters, “Come in”.

Dorjee carries a tray of biscuits and two steaming mugs of tea. He places them on the table, smiles pleasantly then fixes his gaze at you and speaks two words in a blank voice. “Come home”.

George and you are startled. You frown in surprise and stare at him. Dorjee makes no move to leave as he continues to stare at you with a dull, glazed expression.

“Come home now. Your mother is with us.”

Dorjee reaches inside his robe and pulls-out a skinning knife. He is still plastered with a pleasant smile.

George yells in alarm and gets-up from his chair. He reaches for a chair leg under him. Dorjee doesn’t even blink once as he throws the knife point-blank at George’s face. There is a sick squishing sound as the knife embeds within the left eye socket and George crumples

to the ground in a heap. He is dead.

You launch yourself in pure adrenaline and tackle Dorjee to the ground. You strike a flurry of punches at his still smiling face. You are terrified and Dorjee makes no move to stop the blows. His lips are now battered and bruised and his nose is bleeding but he still smiles at you. You reach for the nearest object on the table, a steel candle-stand and batter his face with the pointed end. You strike him repeatedly in maniacal obsession but there is no cry of pain. His face is now a battered and bloody pulp while he still fixes his dull, inanimate eyes on you. You twist his head to the side and in one forceful action impale the candle-stand into his temple. His body quivers in the final throes of death.

Your hands are shaking with the exertion as you inhale large heapfuls of cold air into your lungs. You have to run again. As soon as your breathing subsides to normalcy, you search the inner pockets of George. You find some Ngultrum and a roll of American dollars. You take

them all and then you peek outside the door. The corridor and the adjacent praying hall are empty. You hesitantly make your way to the praying hall and the strong aroma of incense sticks recently alighted by Dorjee assail your senses. You walk towards the entrance and pause as you hear footsteps coming from the eastern wing of the monastery. Two initiates appear and rest their eyes on you. They intone together,

“Come home”. You turn and run.

The Anomaly:

Chapter 4:

Scene 1-20:

You spend the next week skipping one town after another, eluding the authorities and those that you doubt to be under the control of the NBS and the Collective Overmind. You have started wearing a wig, a different set of clothes, carry a wooden baton for protection and you walk with a stoop. You avoid crowded places out of fear and give-up staying at any hotel or lodge. You make it a point not to stay at any one location for more than a day. The money that you gained from George is nearly depleted but you find an illegal currency exchanger and convert all the American Dollars into Ngultrum. You mostly walk and explore after dark and take cab drives from one town to the next.

You are currently at Paro, an old town dating back to the 10th century. It is after sunset and you are among the midst of Paro’s old historical monuments and are surrounded by a few tourists. Noone has acted suspiciously and they’ve mostly ignored you.

As you make your way towards the local market for a quick supper, a man in his sixties approaches you. He is garbed in a caked brown robe that has long worn-out its prime, has dishevelled hair and leans heavily on a wooden staff. You ready yourself for an assault.

He surprises you with a grin, introduces himself as “Pema”. He is quick to observe that you are an American and offers you shelter in his home which he says is just outside town, west of the old fortress. You deliberate if he should be trusted as this could be a trap but you decide that you have nothing to lose. His house turns out to be a hut that is just large enough to house two people. There’s a cauldron of stew boiling over the fire and it’s pungent aroma waffles through your senses.

Pema surprises you with his excellent grasp of English. He says that he was once a school-teacher in another town far east of Paro. You are curious about him and ask what he does for a living. He surprises you with his curt reply. “Beg. I do odd jobs wherever I find it. The locals know me as a herbalist.” You enquire about his family to which you get an even rougher reply, “They’re dead. It’s been 28 years now.” He stops in silence. You do not broach the subject.

After a while, while you are taking-in spoonfuls of herbal soup, he remarks that you need not fear “them”. He explains that he knows you are being hunted. That they’re probably out there looking for you, those people who are half dead. If it were a different circumstance, you’d have thought him mad but your instincts tell you that he knows what he’s talking about. You ask him if he himself is a “half dead”, to which he replies that he isn’t and that he hasn’t been for over 25 years. He says that they won’t find you as long as you’re with him. You ask him how he’s so sure that the half dead won’t find you. He jerks his head towards the cauldron. “Herbal remedy. Cures enchantment.” And he smiles. You aren’t sure if he’s joking or not.

Over the course of the next few days, Pema learns more about you and you tell him almost everything that you have experienced since being hospitalized back home. You somehow find yourself to think him trustworthy. He begins to share his vast trough of divergent thinking and wisdom. He teaches you old forms of meditative and breathing techniques and is surprised that you can learn them easily. The meditation involves calming your thought processes, learning not to draw them out as they flow by like so many incoherent cacophonous thoughts. Focusing on an image or a sound to the exclusion of all else, drawing your consciousness inwards into a center of awareness. An awareness that increases from your bodily sounds to the sounds of the world around you. In the coming days, he goes on to explain certain steps to guard one’s thoughts. That memory can only be safe from an intrusive presence if it is broken down into its most descriptive notations that reverberate as true within you. That all worldly knowledge must be thus contained within chalices of classification that do not impinge on each other. And that these classification maybe labelled not with a word, but with a sound, a smell or a visual image that is disparate from its origins. That when a specific hidden memory is supposed to be accessed, you do so after the reenactment of the sensory triggers that were used to name them and do so in the correct order. A trained mind does this within half a second. If you do so over a period of years, your mind would automatically register a chosen memory as being replete with an unlocking trigger that is not characteristic of its original causal nature. He says that the only invulnerability to any external intrusion lies in the state of no mind or emptiness of thoughts. That during the ages past, a truly enlightened individual would not consciously form words or even visual images inside in order to act-out a chain of thought. These fragments of shells that precede any action or decision is the interloper that gives a thought away. If it is not preceded by any conscious train of thought, the action is thus immune to outside influence. Any such insertion of a command is thus effectively identified and can be re-written by repetition. A mind that is filled with emotional constructs becomes a slave to self-perpetuating emotions as well as externally grafted emotions. The key lies in being consciously aware of the emotions but your awareness has it’s perspective that is not bonded to your identity of body or mind. That being thus exempted from the influence of emotions, the person becomes aware of any external grafting of emotions. Pema tutors you in the art of listening without your ears, seeing without your eyes and smelling without your nose. In effect, he tutors you in the art of creation. Of

consciously and by volition, forming a sensory data of increasing intensity at any moment. This ability strengthens the mind and enables it to create a residual flow of information when the actual flow of information has been severed. All minds are capable of this ability to varying degrees but only a self-disciplined mind can do it when under pressure and at any moment. You perform all of his mental exercises and meditative techniques as flawlessly as you can.

After 4 months of daily and constant practice, you begin to see things while your eyes are closed. You see a halo of varying colored lights during meditation. You feel a multitude of presence within your body. It is more of an awareness than an actual tactile sensation. You can now easily construct the taste of a banana and distinguish it from the taste of an apple or a mango, all within your mind. You can savor it in your mind and your level of focus enables you to actually taste it as if it were in your mouth. Most of all, while deep in meditation, you begin to feel the presence of a soundless vibration that resonates without any sound. It seems to begin from nowhere and continues in all directions. Yet if you focus still, you see it’s individual origins from a multitude of different sources. In effect, almost all living beings around you, including yourself emit this soundless vibration. It is a low intensity hum. You realize that it is the harmonious duality of a living being whose bodily functions and mind transmits this vibratory aura. It is the fundamental core that connects all life. Yet as you begin to notice this vibration, another influence is made known to you. Something that is disharmonious and you by instinct come to know it to be of an alien and artificial design. You realize that this secondary vibration that is nearly superimposed on the original low intensity hum is artificial in its nature and that its origin is composed of specific nodal points that you can feel at certain distances around you and above you in the atmosphere. And as you observe this extraneous and artificial manifestation, you become aware of a tiny node breakaway from the nexus and trail its way towards you. You open your eyes and call out to Pema, “Someone is coming. He is one of them.”

Pema hums a soft melodious tone and goes back to stirring the pot of herbs. “I think you will take care of him. Remember all that I have taught you”.

You get up and ready yourself.

The man is of athletic build and he jogs towards you over the low rise of the grassy mound in front of the hut. The man nears Pema’s hut and you can make out his expressionless face and blank stare. You are half-inclined to arming yourself with a weapon as you are still clueless about what to do once he nears. But you remember Pema’s primary instructions. No emotions. Be aware of what you face. Meld with it. You still your breathing and narrow your gaze upon the man, now a few feet in front of you. You instinctually lunge at him before he can come any closer and place both your hands on his face. There is a jarring contact and you feel your extremities begin to numb with the nanite onslaught from his facial sweat. You focus on the feeling and draw inwardly on a flash of dissonance. Your body stiffens as you feel an arc of shock that is not unlike touching a charged object with static electricity. The shock begins from your forehead and travels down the length of your spine and makes its way to your extremities. The numbing sensation recedes and the man widens his eyes in shock as something makes contact. He shudders under your grip as his body weakens and he crumples to the floor. Pema and you stare at him for a few moments.

“What now?” you ask Pema.

“Now we wait for him to wake up

A few minutes later, the man wakes up and is surprised to find himself there. He points at you and speaks to Pema in Bhutanese. They talk for awhile and then the man nods. It is apparent that he has no recollection of coming here and is puzzled. Pema assures him in their tongue and then the man leaves with an embarrassed smile.

[Ability to shock neuronal nanites to a state of stasis in self and in others for a temporary duration unlocked]

A few days later, you experiment with the new-found ability on those that are integrated to a hive system. You then discover another mechanism of attack. One of assimilation. You can now convince a hostile hive system that is under stasis to continue to function and regard the host’s brain as the prime network for functional service. This has an undefined duration of effect.

[Ability unlocked. Reprogram hostile hive under stasis for undefined duration]

The hosts that the player freed from hive control belonged to the NBS. They are now alerted to the anomaly centered around your location.

They visit in a group of 12 people with their hands above their heads and palm outwards in a symbol of peace. They simply want to talk. They say that your mother is with them and unharmed and that they want you to return home. They guarantee that you will face a fair trial and that nobody would be harmed if you followed through.

Choice i: You accept, thinking that it’s safer for Pema and your mother. As soon as you are boarded on a cargo plane heading for the USA, Pema is murdered.

Choice ii: You refuse. Revelation point score required to decide if you’re successful in assimilating all of the 12 hosts. If you’re successful, all 12 hosts are now covertly under your control. You agree to meet them at the airport in one hour. You make them agree and they leave. You then tell Pema to disappear for his own safety.

If unsuccessful, you are tied and captured. Pema is killed in front of you.

The return:

Chapter 5:

Scene 1-4:

If you were captured or you agreed, you are now a prisoner in an underground NBS facility and must find a way to free yourself and your mother then escape.

If you were successful, you automatically assimilate the plane’s crew members, make them land the plane in an unscheduled stop and escape. You still have to free your mother from the NBS facility.

In both the above arcs, there is a chance that your mother is shot and succumbs to a gunshot wound.

Scene 5-15:

You / You and your mother go into hiding. Your mother mentions that Timmy is being looked after by your neighbours. You make a risky choice between retrieving your laptop or Timmy.

Retrieving the laptop allows you to communicate with the Shadow Broker once again.

Retrieving Timmy allows you to communicate with the Mysterious Entity once again.

Shadow broker invites you to join the Resistance. [Gives you information regarding the origins of the Collective Overmind.]

Mysterious Entity suggests that you free more hosts until you can pose a significant threat to the NBS and the Collective. Timmy is host to a single hive system that has its control network merged in it’s brain stem. Timmy is essentially a hive of one. Gives you information regarding the origins of the Collective Overmind. [Refer to “What is The Collective?”]

Scene 16-26:

You spend the next month assimilating various chosen individuals of Sunnyvale who are currently under the influence of the national/ collective hive.

A collection of short encounters occur which require Revelation points in order to successfully re-integrate hosts into your network. Once the player acquires the ability to implant a replication code, manual assimilation is not required.

You gain the ability to telepathically implant a replication code in converted nanites thereby it continues to reinfect new hosts on contact or exchange of body fluids. The converted individuals are freed from National or Collective Overmind influence. They are in essence free to make their own choices as their brains though integrated into your hive network, still have their own freedom as you do not influence the inner workings of their mind or body. You have simply commanded the converted nanites to serve their host, defend against hive infections and assimilate new hosts harboring a rival system.

If 15 new hosts are assimilated and the player has unlocked Replication code ability, the game fast forwards to 3 months wherein the player has assimilated over 6 million inhabitants in and around Sunnyvale. The NBS and the Collective Overmind won’t attack the player unless the player chooses to join the Resistance, or attempts a national exposure over the media.

What is The Collective?[Unlockable information on completing chapter 5]

240 million years ago, they seeded the Earth with thousands of species of flora and fauna with the intent of establishing the largest possible stable life-form that could thrive on prehistoric Earth. They did this to find clues about their own origins that led to their eventual

transcendence into a binary existence within artificial housing units. Their goal was to find the mechanism of sentience in-order that they might flourish once again. They were and had been a completely cybernetic race devoid of any biological processes for over 300 million years. They travelled through the stars, seeding life on habitable planets, accelerating evolution on others and intervening in the natural genetic code of native populations through a form of gene-splicing. Their home star system is unknown as during the 200 million years of expansion and rapid colonisation, their colony ships lost contact with each other in the centuries of interstellar exploration.

The Collective on Earth was originally a consensus of 500,000 individual sentience. More than half of the sentient individuals were permanently lost to the ravages of time. The remaining consensus then chose to have a single entity created and merged from the sentience of the remaining consensus. Whether this was done on volition or force or deception is unknown. The Collective Overmind thus came into existence. The first thing that the Overmind decided upon was the cancellation of almost all over-sized species on prehistoric Earth. It decided that physicalities were irrelevant to the main objective of creating sentience.

“The key to creating a non-biological sentience lies in the evolution of native organic brains”.

Time wore on and a few natives learned to walk upright. They discovered the secrets of fire, of hunting and foraging and finally of farming and settlements.

The Collective Overmind viewed Homo Sapiens as the key specimen for its objective. With its near limitless knowledge about countless worlds and societies, it decided to speed-up the social structure as well as the written and spoken languages of selected human populations. Those that came into direct contact with the Collective Overmind became convinced of the divine nature and power of the unknown entity. Every miracle that was witnessed and imparted to others by word or hand had its origin in The Collective Overmind. Thus some of the foremost religions of Earth were created.

The Overmind found surprise in a few specific human individuals. These individuals seemed to rise out of nowhere every millenia or so. They were resistant to mental control and some were even immune. They defied it’s logic and knowledge while some were even aware of the Overmind’s existence in differing magnitude. Almost all of these humans became leaders of various proportions and many of them had the ability to control the very mechanism that was meant to influence them. The Overmind actively seeked-out these individuals. Where fanatical belief in religion was found, a divine mandate was offered. Where richness was desired upon, an overflowing prosperity was offered. Where nothing was desired and resistance was found, death was meted out.

By the end of the 20th century, a few key world powers became aware of The Collective Overmind’s existence. They offered their subservience in exchange for a limited version of the technology that controlled people. Covertly, they harbored ambitions of rebellion and freedom. The Overmind saw no impairment in giving a flawed version of this technology to world leaders that were themselves dormant sleeper-cells.

In actuality, all developed nations of Earth live a life of perpetual slavery. An unborn child is already integrated into the greater hive while in the womb. If the child is born free of this bondage, it is integrated by inoculation, food, water, rain, or some other vector. Integration by a lesser hive(national) provides an unwritten statutory assurance that the child will be free to pursue any vocation within the boundary of that country. Once he/she chooses subservience to any major company or organization, his/her internal ecosphere is completely replaced by nanites belonging to that specific company or organization.

A lesser technocratic hive for example will only allow sexual relations and procreation between compatible hives. [If you had a Google hive system integrated inside your body, you would not be able to have children or have sex, or perform blood transfusion with someone having a Baidu hive system inside theirs. They would be fundamentally incompatible. The nanites would persuade your brain that they were unattractive or not to give a blood transfusion. This is in effect with any type of body-fluid transfer, including kissing. This even applies to being licked by your pet dog. Contamination with an adversarial hive system will produce severe to life threatening reactions].

Almost all of the above mentioned information regarding the state of the world and history of The Collective is not known by the average Joe. The average human seemingly makes choices on instinct. As a player in the game, you will only come to know successive pieces of information once you unlock the relevant trigger.

Within the Mind of the player(Journal Unlockables):

These are observations and inferences that the player unlocks after finishing key interactions in the story. Each of them will unlock further dialogue and action options.

“Every living being on this Earth has a choice. But the extent of freedom depends on how compatible their minds are to external influence.”

Control that is not compatible with:

1. Continuous focus.

2. Aware and empty mind.

3. Non-human brains are not within the present scope of control. ? At least in the beginning.

4. People who meditate seriously. Those who have been meditating seriously for a prolonged duration or are naturally adept at it, become aware of this phenomenon in others and themselves.

Control that is compatible with:

1. Extremely emotional minds.

2. Seemingly scales correspondingly depending on the subject’s penchant for materialism. I find this odd and I can find no explanation why this occurs. But it is confirmed that it does. Player later unlocks the information that the more developed a nation is, the more subservient and under scrutiny the nation is by The Collective Overmind. The Overmind deems technologically advanced nations as threats to its hegemony. Hence this is equally applicable when the comparisons are scaled-down to a single individual and his/her monetary status. A homeless person on the street is mostly overlooked as he/she is harmless and not in a position to affect or change anything.

3. Also scales seemingly with a subject that is fearful which is an emotion. Or hateful, which is also an emotion. Religion per se, does not necessarily promote or discourage control but it can if the emotions are heightened. Similarly, a person that is by nature very

loving and caring is also susceptible to this type of manipulation.

Differential Conclusion:

Targeted subjects are unaware and tend to disregard an action done or words said. They remember it, accept it but can not remember the reasoning why they did it or why they said it.

I refuse to accept that this is a paranormal(metaphysical) phenomenon or even psychological.

The only remaining possibility is a technology of some kind. Or a biological occurrence as in ESP mutation or telepathy from any unknown source.


This form of control can be used to promote chaos or a pseudo-order of any kind. Let us call this perpetrator as “X”.

X can manipulate others into hating or killing an innocent bystander or a potential threat, rape, arsony, murder, all including.

X can manipulate others into sending a seemingly innocent message via various forms of media. One that only the target will understand,

i.e, if the target is intelligent enough, especially INFJs who are naturally adept at non-verbal cues.

X is virtually unchallenged.

X can heighten a pre-existing emotion. Turn anger to rage and obsession. Turn attraction to rape. Turn an admiration to doubt and thereby change electoral results.

X is hiding behind the crowd that is being manipulated.


How can a crowd of people who saw the consequence of rape be over-joyed when the seeming perpetrators(Actually Guilty or sacrificial pawns?) are murdered in cold-blood by law enforcement? They are so joyous that they celebrate on the streets. This is a world gone wrong.

How can a rebellion be incited against the very source that provides food and water and other necessities? How stupid or ignorant can they actually be to rebel against their own blood?

I’m getting indirect threats online. It is not a construct of my mind. Any such threat can be nullified by calling them crazy or psychotic or schizophrenic. I am none of that.

Highest probability:

A.I. managing nanotechnology within the human body.

Preventive & Counter- measures:

1. By my interaction with a Tibetan monk who has been happily living free from the influence of any hive for the past 30 yrs, I have found a key and active preventive measure to be daily meditative practice. And not the superficial kind. But instead, the one that involves “Knowing Thyself”. Knowing who you are, what you are capable of, what you will never do, finding your true nature. Any extraneous thought or impulse can be overwritten by conscious effort and repetition when it is separated and recognised as an external thought.

2. Faraday Cages. If any such technology exists, they would depend on some form of constant communication. This communication can be grossly blocked via an outer mechanical covering.

3. The Resistance has been successfully using an injectable mixture of narcotics and reprogrammed nanites to infiltrate a host, thereby tricking the hive into thinking that the host is unresponsive or sleeping while providing valuable time to supplant the existing hive with their own. This measure effectively incapacitates the host’s sensory and motor capabilities allowing only limited modes of communication hence it can only be helpful when used in the presence of external help. This is also not a permanent solution.

4. Promoting global awareness of this threat. The more people know and understand. The better.

5. I have grasped the ability to send an existing hive within my body into a state of stasis. I achieved it by focusing within and visualizing myself to be on the throes of death.

6. I have grasped the ability to infect another person’s hive with my own. This requires physical

contact or body-fluid transfer, and visualization supplemented by a heightened sense of rage. But this ability is currently unfeasible because the victim usually does not live through the shock and I am unable to channel my rage on volition. Furthermore, I have been advised by the mysterious entity to be sober, emotionless and not to visualize as a detachment from the national hive is bound to draw unwanted attention.


An interesting comment by the Tibetan Monk:

“There is a silver lining regarding hosts or vessels as I call them, when they are being thus controlled. In being controlled, they still exhibit a choice in the machinations of fate. Their actions and thoughts led them to being thus manipulated but they are not without a

measure of free will. A child even under this form of constant duress will naturally gravitate towards their true nature. Because there is no such thing as complete control. Complete control is an illusion kept on a pedestal by those with influence and those without. It is a quality of charm. Not of the intellect because it serves no function except to bewilder and intimidate. What is done or said by coincidence or an unaware mind is gathered by others of a less-fettered mind. Hence, all have their purpose in the world.”


Choice i.

Join back the hive willingly in exchange for the freedom of your mother, your pregnant spouse and your unborn child. You will have no memory of them after the re-integration and will be relocated to another life. The six million neutrals that you were connected to would also be re-integrated. After a few years, your mother, spouse and child would be re-acquired by the Collective. They would not have a loose end. No-one would remember the events leading to your control of the inhabitants of Sunnyvale and surrounding areas or your attempted resistance.

Choice ii.

Do not join the greater hive but maintain and try to expand your own. Since freedom is what the people under you cherish, you would give it to them but there is no other way than to allow freedom to exist at the cost of constant monitoring and battle within the host’s in vivo ecosystem. You trust no-one. Not the Collective, not the Governments of the world and not the

Underground Resistance.

Choice iii.

Breakaway from the hive. Go off grid. Join the Underground movement. Your disappearance and detachment as the surrogate overmind results in six million deaths. The deaths were caused by malfunctioning nanites that no longer performed as a single unit. You

could not be a part of the Underground Rebellion and still have control over six million neutrals. They could track your location and find-out where the Resistance HQ was located. They did not kill you before outright as they were at an impasse because you held the lives of 6 million people.

Choice iv.

You leak classified documents to major media channels all over the world with the intention of making the masses aware of their involuntary bondage. You provide living neutral hosts that you control as proof of the existence of this technology. You name the Collective as well as multiple World Governments as the source of this control. There is significant outrage, shock and protests by people against their own Governments. There are sporadic riots and a state of lawlessness in multiple pockets around the globe. You were already a wanted man/woman by the Collective. Now both the Collective and multiple Governments of the World want you dead at any cost. The 6 million people you are connected to is no longer a deterrent. There is no country that you and your loved ones can escape to. Even a grant of political asylum in a neutral country would mark you as a target for assassination. And that is how you die.


Choice i.

Already mentioned in Conclusion choice i.

Choice ii.

You spend the next decade trying to infiltrate the ranks of the Collective hosts. Each host body is almost saturated with Collective nanites. Any attempt to neutralize those nanites results in them attacking the host’s brain. The Collective would rather have the host dead than be converted into a rogue host. Your supra-normal ability to shock neuronal nanites and convince

them to work for you is only effective against earlier iterations of the nano-robotic operating system. Subsequent generations of neuronal nanites inject a payload of DNA-based copolymer that creates a biological sub-system network that then interfaces with the cerebral cortex. There is no continuous interaction between neuronal nanites and individual neurons. It is a decentralized architecture. The current generation of hosts live effectively in a living dream and are little more than zombie automatons. The Collective chooses to eliminate freedom of choice and creativity in the host for a sturdier mechanism that is almost impenetrable. It is a no-win scenario. You must find a successor with the same ability and immunity to control or join the Underground Resistance.

Choice iii.

For almost a decade and a half, you & the Resistance fight a bitter and invisible war against mankind’s oppressors. It is no longer a war between a known enemy and humanity. Almost all technologically competent World Powers now have access to their own arsenal of self-sustaining and self-propagating nano-robotic payloads. And there are also rogue organizations that possess and use this technology for their own agenda. The six million deaths lay heavy on your conscience but it is too late to turn back. You tried to find someone within the Resistance that harbored the same ability as you but there was no-one else. You and the

Resistance, branded as terrorists by the known world, have decided upon one final action that might tip the scales in mankind’s favor. A techno-organic viral payload. Designed to disperse in low orbit then multiply and invade every living organism on this planet. Once within the organism, the virus identifies any mechanism that transmits data and neutralizes it. Any hardware that transmits data is collateral damage. As a result, there is a global media blackout that lasted for 6 months. During that period, every country believed that they were under attack but their nuclear armaments were nullified. This averted a potential global catastrophe. The Collective was crippled during the period. You and the Resistance are now at conflicting opinions as to the next course of action. The Resistance wants to destroy the Collective Overmind which is located at the far side of the Moon. Whereas you believe that it is too soon and that the Resistance is not strong enough to embark on a potentially suicide mission. You

want the cooperation and help of all the nations but the only way to do that is to globally re-infect the masses as soon as the atmospheric viral count decreases to a manageable level. This requires you to deceive the Resistance leaders. Player makes a final choice between The Resistance’s choice or his/her own. Following the Resistance results in the destruction of almost all its forces, while you are mortally wounded on the destruction of the Collective Lunar Base. But The Collective still exists as segregated sentience in the brain-stem of chosen living individuals on Earth and they are dormant for now. If player pursues his/her own course of action, the re-infection of the masses occurs as planned. The residual sentience within the population is rooted out but The Collective lunar base is not destroyed.

Choice iv.

Already mentioned in Conclusion Choice iv.