Donald Trump and Mike Bloomberg are both billionaire tycoons with an eye for real estate. Here’s a look at their personal holdings, from New York to Florida to

Why do you think some people believe that Mike Bloomberg is worse than Donald Trump?

Of late, the constant attacks Bloomberg has received from trump, is like identifying a commodity not even trump’s money can buy. Bloomberg has a growing sense that the relentless leader is excessively worried about him. Well not him so much as trump is concerned about the power his rival is capable of wielding. Aside from his short stature and being labelled a “mass of dead energy,” by Cheeto Jesus, I believe it is safe to say trump actually feels threatened.

Bloomberg is nonetheless amused. Bloomberg said, “You know that he’s taller than me, he calls me Little Mike and the answer is, Donald, where I come from we measure your height from the neck up.”

trump has met someone who is not afraid of him and it looks in fact as though trump is intimidated by Bloomberg. Perhaps that’s why he has targeted the latter with constant tweets these past few weeks. It’s common knowledge, if trump doesn’t mention you, you’ve got a big problem.

I imagine all this attention would actually be flattering for Bloomberg. But it’s also certain he’s living in trump’s head. Rent Free. He’s the perfect candidate to be that burr under trump’s saddle; the perfect mover and shaker to get under his skin. You see, they’re both from New York and they’re both extremely rich. But, and I love this part, Bloomberg is waaay richer than trump, with an estimated net worth north of $60 billion. And to really stick a pin in trump’s balloon, unlike him, Bloomberg didn’t unscrupulously inherit his wealth, he created it for himself. That in itself pisses trump off and whatever pisses their illustrious leader off, pisses off his cult followers, ten fold.

I don’t think it has anything to do with who Bloomberg is; he’s a man first of all. He was brought up in a middle class home in Massachusetts and attended Johns Hopkins University, where he paid his own tuition costs by taking out loans and paying them back while working as a parking attendant. He’s a self made billionaire. He is a global leader on climate change, public health, education, and other critical issues facing America and the world. He’s a decent human being. He’s everything that makes trump look like the jolly green giant of envy and it’s driving him insane; and Bloomberg knows it.

I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying this developing rivalry. God knows trump needs to be brought back to reality and nailed against the wall. And when a man with the kind of magnetism and decorum trump could never hope to possess, latches on to the only media trump knows how to truly manipulate we just watch Mike Bloomberg effortlessly reel trump in via his TV ads. It’s as though, like barbs tossed haphazardly at trump, he’s beseeching “Here mate, catch this!” Anything to provoke the president into responding. Which, of course, is exactly what children like trump can’t help but do.