He did so using the Matrix, a virtual reality system that acts as the repository of all Time Lord knowledge and history, and it’s no exaggeration to say Doctor Who

Who is the Timeless Child in Doctor Who Season 12?

Ok. So I’ve been thinking about the Timeless child for ages. Who is it? Is it the doctor?

Since the doctor has been told about the timeless child twice in the Jodie Whittaker era, which is still going on. But is it the doctor or is it an actual child. Is it Susan?

In the first season to the end of ‘The Dalek Invasion Of Earth’ back in the classic series there was a character named Susan Forman. Also known as the doctors grandchild.

Susan was still a child and the doctor called her a child, sure he was old and senile so he would say those kind of words. And Susan traveled in TIME.

Maybe it is Susan. Maybe it’s Rose. But rose is Bad Wolf but the BBC know that since season 6 in NuWho people and fans have been wanting Rose Tyler to come back for even a cameo. So maybe it’s Rose.

Is it an enemy of the Doctor. Is it the master. WHO IS IT?

So we have 3 people that might be the Timeless child.

  1. The Doctor
  2. Rose Tyler
  3. Susan Forman

I didn’t explain the Doctor much.

The Doctor has said him/her self multiple times that he/she is alone in the universe. So Timeless.

And the doctor was a lonely child. CHILD.

Also the doctors never been a child on-screen.


Well let’s just wait and see. We’re already 4 episodes in so let’s just see if any references come on Sunday night. But if history says itself then we find out at the end of the series. Or at least get a hint before the end of series 12.