Global augmented reality and virtual reality market is expected to reach $167.89 billion by 2026, representing a remarkable 2019-2026 CAGR of 34.7%.

What is the difference between virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality?

The future is here ladies and gentlemen. Since our ancient time, human beings are evolving their knowledge with advanced routine. We are finally witnessing the miracle of technologies – but I still believe that there is much more than we just saw in the last few decades, that the technology has much much more to offer yet.

Who knows, maybe in the next century or even decades we can initiate teleporting, not just objects, but living things as well or we can explore more solar systems with the advanced technology that will come in the future. Actually when people say “sci-fi” it actually means that those things or devices are not happened yet, but similar things will be produced in the future, inspired by many sci-fi movies or shows. Definitely, mankind rapidly evolve – even if you try to guess the very next big technology miracle, you can come close to it.

With VR you are completely immersed in a digital world enclosed within a headsets in gaming and video.

With AR – there is a digital overlay of the reality that we live in day to day. With Mixed Reality you have the digital overlay of the reality we live in but there is interaction within the overlay.

Mixed Reality is the very new of the terms mentioned. Mixed Reality takes the augmented and virtually displayed the information and later adds it to the real world.

Business for VR, AR and MR is going to hit hard on the market this year and years to come. Will be very interesting to see how it is applied for home use, business and not only in gaming which is mostly available. Throw these technologies we can see the things that have been seen only in the movies over the last decades.

These virtual additions can do more than just simply augment what you are doing or even seeing. It actually seems that it becomes a part of the real world.

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