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Profile: Nathan Wild, Entrepreneur, Researcher & Consultant!

Who Am I?

Hey Guys! My name is Nathan Wild, I’m 29, Canadian (Quebecer), I live in Montreal and I’m straight (I precise because I received requests from guys).

Soon, I’m going to live in Canada AND ALSO in Thailand, while travelling to other countries.

I speak French & English and I’m learning Esperanto, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Thai, Chinese and Japanese.

I am here because I have a thirst for knowledge and I want to find the best in everything, solutions, ideas, products and services, I’m interested in amazing stuff!

At the same time, I want to share what I have found with people, make new friends, meet gorgeous women and who knows maybe the one, I am open to both.

So, feel free to ask me your questions and follow me on Quora French, English and soon Spanish!

You can send me a private message, I will answer!

And if you want to talk and know at the same how I look, you can always give me your Facebook, I will add you, I have a picture on my account.

What Do I Do For Living?

I have 2 jobs and sometimes they are linked together.

  1. To sum up, I help people to be healthier, sleep less, have more energy, rejuvenate, age less quickly, have more strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, to sum up, to live longer, be almost sick and feel like a bionic man/woman.

I did A LOT of researches about health, anti-ageing, athletic performance (strength, balance, flexibility, endurance), and diseases, so simply ask and I will tell you if I can help you.

I will give you the proof of what I say if it sounds impossible for you, I did my research by watching videos (testimonials, science, clinical studies etc) and reading websites, journals, news and the clinical researches on PubMed.

And I tested everything that I speak of, if I can reproduce the effects I talk about it, otherwise, I put that on the side.

With all that, I found a really effective way to remove any type of pain and for the diseases, I found something that works really well on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Here is one proof, it’s a licensed doctor in the USA, so not anybody.

I also found a way to partially remove the side effects of diabetes, muscular dystrophy and some autoimmune diseases, I don’t ask you to believe me, I will show you the proofs.

2. I am an efficiency consultant, I help businesses, athletes, people with ambition and rich people to be more efficient in saving money, making more money, having more time, solving their problems + be healthier with the other job (look the 1st point).

Being faster, having a better success rate or better quality for sales, products and services.

Like if you have an assembly line, we can help you to create more products quickly, better and cheaper.

You can also train your salespeople and set up a system to better manage your business.

I did 10 years of research part-time + 12 years full time to find a solution to all the problems in society, including business, which I know what I’m talking about, I tested everything.

If it doesn’t work, I don’t talk about it and search until I find the solution, I say that because there is a lot of scammer or people that live on another planet.

All CRM, all well-known apps on Android and iPhone, all those related to business, autoresponders, software/security system, debit/credit systems, anything for business, I searched to find the best!

Most of the solutions I offer, you will not hear about it elsewhere, at the same time I have some unique products.

To be really honest, I know that the solutions I am proposing will really help you and at the same time I am also really making money, so it’s a win-win situation on both sides.

Here Are The Services That I Offer To The Businesses To

  1. Move money from one country to another, even if you can’t we can, like with the Congo, we move 1 million +.
  2. Open an account to pay a maximum of 16% taxes (all), get or build your products for 30% cheaper than in China, get a bank account in Asia, meet entrepreneurs and investors in Asia, do all your taxes.
  3. Pay 2–6x fewer fees to transfer $300+ from one country to another, like Western Union, a bank and Paypal together
  4. A way to exchange currencies for 0.5% to 1% fees, not 2% to 4% like with banks or exchanges.
  5. Decrease your electricity bill by up to 60% to heat a building or water/any liquid THAT SERVICE IS ONLY IN QUEBEC, CANADA.
  6. Decrease your electricity bill by around 50% for your assembly line, continuous electric motor and lighting.
  7. Pollute less, so you pay fewer carbon taxes and the government can give you subventions.
  8. Use less gas or fuel with technology.
  9. Increase the lifespan of commercial devices.
  10. Improve the efficiency of your staff.
  11. Increase employee comfort.
  12. Improve working methods.
  13. Set up training for your employees to sell more.
  14. Set up a system to hire qualified employees in the country.
  15. Qualify employees in other countries and bring them to Canada (for Canada only).
  16. Obtain grants.
  17. Have new money in your business.
  18. Have a system to qualify potential employees and match them with the right team and people (We sold the software to Canada Development Bank and Raymond Chabot).
  19. Have a better security system.
  20. Have a better system to communicate and manage your customers, employees, suppliers and partners.
  21. Detect, eliminate and improve the structural problems related to the buildings of your company or houses.
  22. Plan the construction or renovation of residential (development) or commercial buildings that are smart, energy-efficient, very well thought out for space, the orientation of the sun, location of the land, the view etc…

Or we could say, to have fewer problems and more time and money!

We can even finance the products and our fees (It depends on the country) through a partner and if you take the product to save money on electricity and gas, it can pay a part or all the financing for that service.

After 6 to 24 months, you paid everything, you make more money and/or save 40% + electricity, gas.

I work with a friend who is an industrial engineer, super friendly guy and also super qualified and punctual, he has several engineers who work with/for him, he has his own company.

We also have plenty of other specialists who can help you, it depends on what area, there are too many to name them.

I Am Also In Immigration

We help people immigrate to Canada in 4-7 months and with $20cad+/h job if they meet several conditions.

1. No criminal record.

2. A job in high demand in Canada as a welder, machinist, engineer, welder, chef for hundreds or thousands of employees far from the city, for just about every job in the mines or people doesn’t want to do.

3. The money needed to come here, it doesn’t cost more than directly with the government because of the employer that pays a part.

If you do not have a job in high demand, choose one that does not require a school, find an employer in your country and I see you again in 6–18 months.

If you have to go to school, take the one with a job that requires less school, as a welder, from a few weeks to months depending on the country.

It’s always better than nothing or maybe, it’s a gateway to Canada.

We engage for businesses, we qualify people for them, so it is valid for business as well as those who want to immigrate to Canada.

My Life Turn Around

High Technology, Social Networks, VR, Cryptocurrencies, Finance, Sales, Investments, Business, Startups, Trading, Efficiency, Inventions, Health, Anti-Aging, Workout, Medicine, Psychology, Self-Improvement, Food, Travel, Photography, Music, Dance, Sex, Porn, Attractive Women, Sports, Spirituality, Agriculture, Architecture, Innovation, Revolutionary Stuff and Fitness.

But I’m Also Passionate About

Human Behavior, Economic, Immigration, Blockchain Technology, Google Chrome, Computer Security, Decentralized Network, Computer Hardware, Politic, Thailand, Youtube, Dtube, Dlive, Twitch, Medical Treatments, Human Body, Netflix, Hurricane, Salaries & Wages, Beauty, Tesla, Orgasms, Stocks, Wikipedia, Network Protocols, Tornadoes, Haircare, Bluetooth, Wifi, Dietary Supplements, Google Maps, Big Projects & Anything That Can Change The World.

And I Ask & Answer Questions About

Canada, Immigration, Flirting, Wealthy People and Families, Computer Hardware, Recessions, Chemistry, Diseases, Mining Industries, Wanting and Making Money, Youtube Personalities.

And Only Read About

Hacking, Programming, Intelligence, Sound Engineering,


I want new followers, friends and meet women and maybe I will meet the one.

I’m on almost any social networks and messenger apps, simply send me a private message with your info.

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