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Where is the best place to live in San Antonio?

There are many factors that make somewhere a great or not-so-great place to live, but there are definitely some that apply more generally than others.

Downtown San Antonio: If you have more of a flexible budget, or want a city feel, this is the spot for you. Worth noting, though, that this is where a lot of the major tourist attractions reside, which could be either an upside or a downside. 🙂

South Alamo: This is an artsy and eclectic neighborhood, where First Friday is a must for music and art lovers. For the quirky types, there are ample luxury apartments for rent along the riverside.

Stone Oak: This is a nice, safe area with apartment rental prices a tad above the city’s average, but it seems to be pretty popular among new San Antonio residents.

Highland Hills: This hood features moderately priced rentals and houses while also providing a plethora of restaurants and activities. This area also tends to be younger, with the median age around 30.

For anyone looking, here are almost 2,000 apartments for rent in San Antonio with more information about neighborhood demographics, attractions, rent prices, and more.