Many real estate investors will gauge the impacts through a few means: changes in cost of capital, financial performance of tenants, deceleration of tenant

What are the best strategies for making money in real estate?

Buy or control some and rent it out.

That has worked for millennia and made a few people very wealthy so it must be a good business model.

The major problem is overcoming the mental block that most people have about their ability to actually do it.

The resoning is simple as they look at the price of property in their street and conclude they could not afford anything so give up right at the begining.

Well I can assure you there is plenty of property you can afford and as en example you can still buy houses for one pound each in the UK.

So stop looking in your own backyard and get off your butt and go and have a look elsewhere and you will find property you can afford all over the place in every country if you look long and hard enough.