A Rhode Island woman who preyed on the trust of friends, family, and neighbors in a dubious investment scheme—one that gilded her reputation and lifestyle

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Politicians, bureaucrats, home buyers and housing activists are at it again. History is repeating itself right in front of us, and if we do nothing to stop the volatility in real estate markets, we risk the impending doom of the next housing collapse. Industry experts John Agostinelli and Chris Michaud had front row seats during the Great Recession. They witnessed the nonsensical lending practices that blew up the bubble and created disastrous consequences for government endorsed loans, and hurt low to moderate income people and the communities they lived in. Not only did government create the problem, their reaction to the crisis made matters worse.

So what now? How do we prevent this from happening again?

Easy Money and the American Real Estate Ponzi Scheme reveals:

  • How to determine where prices are heading
  • The whole truth about the causes of the real estate bubble
  • Why the real estate cycle is important to you
  • How to make better real estate decisions that affect your pocketbook
  • What needs to be done to restore the American Dream

With keen insights and a no-holds-barred style, this in-depth examination of the real estate market is a cry for action because—without change—we are headed towards another calamity. Readers will learn about the need to revamp Dodd-Frank, how to stop incentivizing debt and risk, put an end to our National bailout mentality and return to the days of achieving the American Dream as our forefathers had envisioned. Now is the time to stop the nation’s addiction to “Easy Money,” and blow the whistle on corruption so that our children’s standard of living does not disappear.

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VOTE THE COVER of Agostinelli and Michaud’s “Easy Money” | Koehler Books Publishing