Monster Growth for Virtual Reality in Medicine and Healthcare Market 2020 |Trends, Demand, Revenue, Top Players, Gross Profit, Status & Forecast by 2026

Which trend will transform healthcare?

Good Question Actually. Cant explain within quora. I have added a detailed article here. You can check it out if you have some time 🙂

2018 has just begun and, like every year, we hope that digital health will arrive and change life for the better to patients, family members, doctors, health professionals, managers, public and private insurers and even innovative companies. These are some of the issues that, with great probability, can mark 2018 in terms of health (not necessarily in order of importance or execution):

Growth of digital services. The digital transformation has finally reached the health sector. Some private insurers, such as Blua de Sanitas, already cover up to 19 online specialties with telemedicine, which will boost multiple initiatives both private and public. Healthcare providers also join the car, such as the Hospital de Nens de Barcelona, ​​which has an online emergency service.

Why it will triumph in 2018:It begins to be a service demanded by the general population. The problem arises when there are no infrastructures that support the video call service with quality. It is only useful from home or from places with coverage, which limits the use, but not for it the possibilities of immediate deployment. The limiting factor will be as always the human factor behind the service.

Health in private health. The online appointment has come to stay, and is already a growing trend in all the medical tables of the leading insurance companies in Spain. Companies like Doctoralia make it possible even for doctors in individual consultations, with great success of both repetitive patients and first visits. The hospital chains incorporate it already in their apps, with a use that exceeds 30% of the total number of patients in many cases.

Why it will triumph in 2018: The online appointment is a market standard. Who does not make more efficient the accessibility to your online consultation 24/7 will disappear.

The power of patients as a group . Patients like me opened the bottle of online patient initiatives, and nowadays the opinions and evaluations of patients are growing everywhere, being imposed as an objective measure of perceived Quality also in Public Health. Also initiatives such as health data cooperatives arise to try to reach where institutions do not reach.

Why it will triumph in 2018: The citizens’ initiative is always faster, not only the institutional one, but also the legislative one. The professionals of the sector must start taking seriously what is said about them and / or about their work and attitude, and learn to react.

Your data, your treasure of hidden health. The health data of the individuals have traditionally been contained in closed silos (hospital databases, or medical centers, both public and private). The vision of being oneself who manages your health information and information, in a personal clinical history, is getting closer. In this way, as patients we can choose whether our genetic information is related to our personal and family history and to be part of clinical studies that companies like Apple with its Researchkit can offer, knowing our pathological background. It’s big data for everyone, regardless of whether the data is controlled by state agencies or the pharmaceutical industry.

Why it will triumph in 2018:Every time there is more demand on the part of patients and the population in general. Even initiatives of civil society such as Saluscoop begin their journey with strength.

Virtual reality to improve health. The treatment of phobias and anxiety with virtual environments is already a proven reality, even to reduce pain in patients with major pathologies. The next step is the virtual relationship with the professional medical environment, for example with virtual meetings to have a visit with the doctor without having to go personally, or to do rehabilitation exercises in a more motivating and suggestive environment.

Why it will triumph in 2018: Tools exist, and tertiary hospitals are piloting initiatives.

Virtual triage : In a health environment of greater demand from the population with fewer resources, we will soon choose to locate an Artificial Intelligence tool that is capable of making a first assessment of the patient. In this way you can prioritize the answers and offer patients the resource that is considered most useful and accessible, as soon as possible.

Why it will triumph in 2018: The experience of the bot of the NHS this past 2017 should serve to open this path so necessary and at the same time so feared.

The traditional brands in health will have competition from the big technological monsters. First came IBM with SAP, and soon we will see Apple in hospitals, as well as possibly Google, Samsung and Fitbit sensors. This will make the environment more agile and competitive in offers and prices. The greats have arrived.

Why will triumph in 2018 . Apple has been selling specialized healthcare equipment for years, such as Microsoft, and will soon be emulated by other brands.

Cybersecurity in health will be a serious issue . If all the technology and information is connected, any breach could be fatal, as was seen in 2017 with the problems caused by the global Ransomware attack that affected NHS hospitals because they did not have updated versions of their Windows operating system. This will also include sensors and medical devices. The millionaire sanctions in euros for problems with data protection also fall into this section. Therefore organizations will be reviewed and budgeted better than today.

Why it will triumph in 2018: The scare of the Ransomware should have made the healthcare community aware that no software or any operating system is worth it, in the same way that neither Google Calendar nor Whatsapp should be used for medical purposes.

Systems for the prevention of digital diseases. The rise of wearables on a personal level will be transferred to private and public health companies and systems, to reduce casualties and improve the health and quality of life of workers. Mental well-being will also be taken into account, not only the physical one, and therefore actions can be carried out early in cases of anxiety and discomfort.

Why it will triumph in 2018: There are already initiatives in the USA and even in Spain with the use of wearables in occupational medicine.

Virtual assistants as health agents. Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Home and many others can be used in the Anglo-Saxon environment as health agents, for their access to information and the ability to activate solutions with some ease. We have already talked about Artificial Intelligence, but domestic use can be the great beneficiary. The accidental activations in conversation can give way to a vigilant ear of our lucidity and health.

Why it will triumph in 2018: The launch in Spanish of Google Assistant and its possibility of being inside Google Home can be the turning point in the Hispanic market. In the Anglo-Saxon market the race to be the doctor at home has already begun.