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What’s the most effective way to market a home in today’s real estate market?

Great question! Marketing is definitely one key to successful real estate investing. Successful real estate investors and agents differentiate themselves from the rest with marketing strategies that are unique, creative, and keeps them on top of the game in today’s real estate market. Below is a list of the best real estate marketing strategies for real estate investors and agents:

1. Develop a Website

Before buying investment properties, almost all clients use the internet when searching for an investment property. Some buyers go as far as using Google Map to look at the street’s view, see what the neighborhood has to offer, and search online for articles relevant to the location they intend to invest in. If your website has all the information they need, your chances of transforming leads into customers shoot up.

Your website is part business card, part sales banner, and part property listings tool. Most clients will check your website before contacting you, so it’s important to leave a good first impression! Be clear about the areas you sell in, services you specialize in, and how you can be contacted.

2. Be Active on Social Media

Social media is a great real estate marketing strategies for an obvious reason – pretty much everyone uses social media. In real estate, social media is a way to connect with clients, share images of new property listings, and offer fast updates of what’s available in the housing market. You can simply create a “Listing of the Day” and share it across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is neither difficult nor time-consuming!

Besides sharing property listings, make sure you share valuable content on anything related to the housing market for those who are not currently looking to sell or buy investment properties. Ask your clients to follow you on social media, share their thoughts (don’t forget to reply when they do!), and have links on your website that connects them to your profiles.

3. Create Valuable Content

Creating eye-catching, high quality content is as important as any other real estate marketing strategies. “Average” will get you lost in the crowd! You need to produce and share captivating, well-written blogs, informative news, and interesting info-graphics to get new clients onto you website. For example, a property investor would be interested to read topics titled “valuable things to consider before buying a home” or “crucial things to look out for in a new home”.

One secret to creating great connect is storytelling. Using good stories to tell about investment properties makes readers want to know more about them and eventually become more interested in buying them. Another factor that makes contents valuable is the pictures you use with them. Let’s be honest, a poorly captured photographs will hurt the interest of potential buyers no matter how great investment properties are. The best thing to do is hire a professional photographer with experience in taking pictures of homes.

4. Video Marketing

A more creative strategy is video marketing. It is basically a commercial for your investment property listings. Videos not only allow you to put your brand out there and stand out from competition, they also give potential clients a different medium to check you out before they actually engage you. You can post these marketing videos on the homepage of their website, in addition to other social media platforms for maximum exposure.

5. Stay in Touch with Clients

Marketing in real estate doesn’t end after closing deal. One of the best real estate marketing strategies that won’t cause a thing is simply calling clients and thank them for their business, or even sending them a package of something they would appreciate. Moreover, if you aren’t doing this already, start sending email newsletters regularly. This way, past clients are more likely to remember you when they need help again or refer you to others who do.

Hope these real estate marketing strategies are helpful. For more up-to-date information on anything real estate, head over to Mashvisor!