Making lessons more engaging requires cutting-edge technology like virtual and augmented reality, but it needs to work perfectly every time and be easily setup

What are the ideal features in a projector for the classroom and which models are the best (and worst)? We are  looking to buy new hardware and need to re-pick our desired standard for all classrooms for the district.

I’d say these are the features to consider for a classroom projector:

  • Resolution — you’ll need at least 1024×768 to project anything useful nowadays.
  • Inputs – make sure that it takes in at least VGA and HDMI inputs. The latter will be more useful if you’re planning to use it with an iPad since the iPad’s HDMI adapter has a pass-through connector for power.
  • Audio in & Amplifier/Speaker Out – a nice to have feature when you’re presenting multimedia content.
  • Lightbulb lifetime – how many hours you have on the bulb before you have to replace it.
  • Brightness — specially important if your classroom has windows that doesn’t fully block out sunlight.