The global Augmented and Virtual Reality in Healthcare market study encloses the projection size of the market both in terms of value (Mn/Bn US$) and volume

What are some predictions in augmented reality and virtual reality?

Here is the list of predictions regarding virtual reality and augmented reality in 2017, according to VR experts.

Let’s get started.

1. AR & VR beyond Gaming & Entertainment

The head of virtual and augmented reality at Infosys, Vishwa Ranjan predicts that VR will fade away. Further, he told VRTech that in the next year, companies will view virtual reality and augmented reality as legitimate technologies that they should be investing and researching in.

2. Custom VR Content will become the Mainstream

Business Development Manager for Andrew Lucas Studios, Hamza Abbas said he foresees a hike in enterprise based customer designed VR content in 2017.

3. Use in Healthcare

According to Director of Innovation for IEEE Standards Association, Jay Lorio, there is a huge potential to be found in Virtual Reality, especially in healthcare.

4. Augmented Reality Will Be More in Use

Consumers will be capable of seeing anything they want from a wide range of sources with sales representatives presenting the product, without being present at a given location.

5. Marketing Personalization Tool

According to the head of industry insights at Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Jamie Merrick said that augmented reality and virtual reality would be developed into digital concept stores, linking the online, mobile and in-store channels together, to depict a unified experience for customers.

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