Real estate agents are always looking for that competitive edge, that unique way to stand out and be found, known, and remembered in their local market.

Why should people use a real estate buyer agent?

Forget all of the typical reasons agents will tell you like reputation, experience or personal connections. The single most important reason to work with a buyer agent is to receive a home buyer commission rebate on your home purchase.

What’s the typical rebate you ask? You can expect 33% of the commission earned by the buyers’ agent from the listing agent payable to you at closing.

In your typical real estate transaction, the seller will pay 6% regardless of whether there is a buyers’ agent involved or not. If the buyer is unrepresented, the listing agent gets to keep all 6%. If there is a buyer agent involved, NYC agents are contractually required by REBNY to ” co-broke,” or share 50% of the commission with the buyer’s agent.

Did your buyer’s agent forget to tell you that it’s completely legal to rebate you part of the commission he or she earns from the seller?

New York recently amended Section 442 of the Real Property Law Article 12-A to specifically allow broker rebates.

In order to get the word out, New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman issued an open letter to New York’s real estate community specifically encouraging them to offer NYC broker commission rebates.

Let’s face it, your buyer’s agent is making a boat load of money by representing you on a deal. For all that profit, all you can expect from them is a bottle of wine or some chocolates at closing.

Why accept a $50 closing gift when you can get paid 1% of your purchase price back in the form of a cash rebate at close?

1% of the average $2 million NYC home is $20,000! What a closing gift!

Reduce or eliminate your closing costs and work with a top-rated, local Hauseit affiliated buyer’s agent who will provide you with a commission rebate at close!

Claim Your Rebate!