More companies and institutions than ever appear to be ready to call upon innovative technologies like virtual reality to enhance the impact of their L&D

Profile: Peter Johnston, Chairman at Infinite Monkies (2017 to present)

People are mucking up the move to artificial intelligence. We’re finding the technology easy, the people stuff hard. This creates an opporunity for smaller, fast moving companies to leapfrog the corporations with a peer-to-peer network of small, data-driven businesses. I want to help create that network.

My Background:
I have run DataScience Oxford, Develop Oxford and StartupMotor – putting datascientists and data-developers at the heart of modern organisations and building fast, effective new businesses. 20 years of experience in data, working with small companies allied to major vendors and, before that, running an agency and a publisher has given me an accelerated learning curve. I have taken the initiative in working out the changes in technology, sales, marketing and business driven by the internet, data, mobile, social networking, AI and virtual reality.