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What are the most promising/disruptive Fintech startups targeting the institutional investor community (as opposed to the retail investor community)?

A basic framework here is to divide institutional fintech startups into four quadrants, split by two main dichotomies: Internal vs. External and Product vs. Service.

Internal: Innovation within the enterprise to improve processes and increase efficiency

External: Innovation outside of the enterprise to develop and offer new products and services

Below I list out a few interesting startups to illustrate each quadrant. There are many more firms that fit the bill. More information can be found in the resource section below.

Internal Product
1. Thinknum ( Web platform for investors to collaborate on financial analyses

  • Firms performing valuation work need to ensure analyses are more dynamic, real-time, and data-driven and automatically updated with live market insights and information–the future of stale shared-drive Excel models

Internal Service
1. Kensho Technologies (company) ( Platform that combines natural language search, graphical user interfaces, and secure cloud computing to create new set of analytics tools

  • Harnessing traditional and non-traditional data sources to create next-generation analytics platform for investment professionals–complex financial questions asked in plain English can be addressed in real-time

External Product
1. Marketplace loans (…): Loans originated and issued outside of the traditional financial institution ecosystem

  • The emerging asset class has seen tremendous interest from institutional players seeking to invest in marketplace loan technology and loans themselves–expect industry to expand beyond consumer and small business (e.g. real estate, education)

2. Sliced Investing ( Alternative asset platform delivering access to emerging hedge fund managers at lower minimums

External Service
1. Orchard Platform ( Consolidated reporting, automated loan acquisition, and supply access for investors and originators in marketplace lending industry

2. Dwolla ( Web platform that allows users to send, receive, and request money from others


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