PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Chemotherapy: a dreaded reality for almost every person diagnosed with cancer. People like Linda Larrimore. She’s currently battling

My English teacher said there is no creativity in maths or science? What example can I prove her wrong with?

Wow! Your teacher is absolutely wrong.

Science is one of the most creative disciplines there is. I’m an editor for a magazine dealing with physical therapy [or physiotherapy, depending on your location]—not at all a science magazine—and here are just a few of the articles and pieces we’ve run recently about the creative intersection of science and health. Remember: For virtually all of these, researchers took something already known or developed in science, then extended its applicability or use using both their skill and, aha, their creativity:

  • “Cold Plasma Could Speed Bone Healing”
  • “Single Body Patch Monitors Biochemical and Electrical Signals”
  • “Man With Paralysis Continues to Make Gains via Technology That Allows Thought-Controlled Movement”
  • Program Lets Children Create Their Own ‘Superhero Cyborg’ Prostheses”
  • “Toyota to License Balancing Technologies for Next-Generation iBOT Motorized Wheelchair”
  • “Brain-Controlled Exoskeleton Training Sparked Neurological Improvement in Individuals With Paraplegia”
  • “Stem Cells Regenerate Corticospinal Tissue”
  • Tech-Drive Approaches Improve TKA [total knee arthroplasty], THA [total hip arthroplasty] Surgery and Recovery”
  • “Game On: Recent Articles Focus on VR [virtual reality] and Gamification in Physical Therapy”
  • “A Future Where PTs Plug Their Brains Into Patients? Maybe, Say Researchers”
  • “App Developed to Demonstrate Symptoms of Sports Concussion”
  • “Could Bioresorbable Sensors Help Individuals Recover From Brain Injury, Surgery?”
  • “Deep Brain Stimulation Techniques to be Tested on Spine”
  • “IBM’s Watson Being Used for New Projects”
  • “Internet of Things Crowdsourcing Competition Begun”
  • “Military PTs Describe Virtual Reality Applications for Injured Service Members”
  • “New Bone Repair Technique Uses Biodegradable Nano-Shells”
  • “Physical Therapy and the Internet of Things”
  • “Real-Time Data From Nursing Home EMRs Could Aid in Falls Prevention”
  • “Researchers Use ‘Soft Magnet’ to Study Brain Trauma”
  • “Soft Robotic Glove Developed
  • “Wheelchair Controlled With Brain-Machine Interface”