So, outside of overtime hours, I took an online real estate salesperson course and set aside the money I made from cleaning houses to pay for my licensure,” she

How lucrative is buying and selling commercial real estate?

Look!….concerns that are worth hundreds of millions lose their shirt because of poor decision making & timing in this realm. Due diligence is key! My advice?…try small residential apartment buildings to start…..real “bread & butter”. Housing, fundamentally has a limited downside…everyone needs a roof over their head! You can still lose your short with poor decisions though.

Do your due diligence!! Look for value added opportunities….are you handy!… cosmetic upgrades to raise rents and increase valuations?

Interest rates are unsustainably low and have forced valuations through the roof….apartment investments are currently the “gem” of the commercial R.E. world.

Don’t want to buy high & sell low!… VERY careful at this point in time!