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Do you agree the future of beauty trends will lean towards more of a natural trend/look with less makeup, products, and bright colors?

I think that we are slowly heading back toward a natural look, with a focus on beautiful and natural skin.

I don’t think it necessarily means fewer products, however. I think many people would be amazed by how many products CAN (but don’t necessarily HAVE to) be used for a no-makeup makeup look.

As for bright colors – they are not normally part of a natural look, but I think they can be incorporated into great “color pops” with mostly natural looks…

For example, really dewy, glowy natural-looking skin, just mascara and not a strong eye look, and a super bright lip color, or nude lips and a bright eyeliner or graphic liner. I think those looks are really fresh and fun, and am waiting on edits from a few recent shoots with that! One of those:

And an example from the internet:

If you go to my highlights on my instagram story, you can see all the products I used just for the bare faced look above, before I added the blue pop of color on the eyes! And that is with a young model with perfect skin!

While I’m glad that we’re getting away from the “insta-glam” look that, I don’t necessarily think it’s going to be less work for those going after trends. I am relieved, though, that I think more work/effort will go toward the skincare aspect of it to have a truly beautiful foundation to work on (and I mean skin, not from a bottle) as opposed to caking on product!

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