Starting last week, the company updated its Quick Look app which lets retailers offer a 3D model or sticker of products in augmented reality to costumers on iOS

Which currently popular company is the most likely to go out of business within the next decade?

I’m going to make a bold prediction: Apple.

Under this man:

Apple was revolutionary. Their products were 100x better than what the market had currently provided.

Under this man:

Apple releases the same phone every year with only incremental advancements and a steep price increase. I can measure things with my phone? I guess that’s kind of cool. I can unlock it with my face? My fingers worked just fine. Headphones without wires? Like those haven’t been around for quite sometime at a significantly lower cost than airpods.

Some might say “But Apple’s revenue and bottom line have been better than they ever were under Jobs.” Yeah, because this guy keeps raising the price of an iPhone to absurd levels! This is not a sustainable business model, there is going to be a price consumers are not willing to pay. $1,100 for a phone? Who remembers when you could get an iPhone for $199 a decade ago? And do not say “inflation”, this far outpaces inflation. What drastic improvements have been made that justify $1,100? Engineers have been spending time creating a feature that allows me to unlock my phone with my face and not doing anything revolutionary.

People are getting fed up. Apple has two things going for it. One: The iPhone is seen as a “status symbol” by some, the price has literally gotten so high it has become a status symbol. People who can’t really afford the latest iPhone buy one anyway and pay in monthly installments. Which leads to you paying more in the long run, this is just buying a phone on credit. The second and most important thing: iMessage. Oh those blue texts, what those blue texts have done. Apple has conditioned the masses to view green text messages as less attractive. You know this is true, you get a text from someone without an iPhone and you are instantly turned off by that hideous green text. Blue text messages have the market in a stranglehold, at least amongst young people. You don’t want to be the one sending green texts or the one who screws up the entire group chat because you don’t have an iPhone. I would have a Google Pixel if it didn’t come with that dreaded green text.

Side note: I do believe that if Google created their own version of iMessage and gave the first generation of Pixel’s to come with this GoogleMessage away at a steep discount, they could own the smartphone market. They would have to take an almost insignificant loss to a company that size on only the first generation of Pixel’s that have GoogleMessage. Once they have a critical mass of users GoogleMessage would be the new iMessage, and the profits would roll in from every generation of the Pixel afterwards.

Finally, there is one reason I think Apple may not fail or be a shell of it’s current self 10 years from now:

This man just poured billions of dollars into Apple. Warren Buffet is one the most intelligent investors of all time (anyone see what I did there?), most of his investments prove to be good decisions. With that said, I cannot possibly see how he thinks the iPhone will continue to dominate(maybe iMessage is the moat?). Maybe he will prove me wrong, and that is why he is Warren Buffet and I am not. Or maybe (and I hate insinuating this about Buffet) he has more information than the average investor about the inner workings of Apple. Maybe he knows that these are coming in the near future and believes that Apple will dominate this new market: