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What is the investment strategy for a married woman earning 29k pm? Is it wise to invest in a saving scheme which doubles after 10 years?

Hi Stranger,

This is a good question which I can answer. However the details you have given are little less than what I require to perfectly answer your question. I would know your age and the goal for which you are investing the I would have given you more accurate information.

Well I can consider that you can remain invested into the investment for 10 years to come. Vaibhav has suggested for Mutual funds I would also suggest you for EQUITY mutual funds. There are 2 types of Mutual funds DEBT and EQUITY mutual funds. If you have time horizon of 10 years then Equity mutual fund is good option for optimal returns. There are strategies usinig which you can pay ZERO tax on your profits from mutual funds. If you want more details then you can contact me on or alternatively call me on +91–8904307015. I can advise on the exact mutual fund you should invest in and how to plan your investment so that you pay ZERO tax on your profits from investment.

I know mutual funds which allow you to invest from as little as 500 Rs per month. And if your salary will increase in future then you can invest more in mutual funds to get more profits.

All the best and happy investing !!