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Do women forget the labor pain of childbirth?

The answer is yes… I just gave birth to a beautiful girl last week. I want to pen everything down before I forgot… this is my second time becoming mother. My first was also VBirth no medication ,no epidural.

But here I want to mention the second one as I remember everything . Thanks to my genetics that whole pregnancy I didn’t get any morning sickness, no contractions, no nausea… except gaining weight I don’t feel anything till I go into labour… my due date was 19 and i was desperately waiting for baby.. on a night before my due date I asked my husband I think I will go into labor tomorrow. Let’s go and eat at my favorite place. He is a sweetheart. He said sure. We went there came late. I messaged my in-laws to keep bags ready. They offered me to sleep in their house but I said I need to clean kitchen. So they said fine and laughed. So after preparing everything we slept around 12 midnight. Me my husband my 3 year old son all sleeping in same room. At 7:30 am suddenly I felt severe pain in back I jumped from the bed and saw water coming gushing from me. So I rushed to the bathroom without any noise called my husband. He called his mom ND everyone to come home and take my 3 year old so we can go to the hospital.. they came my contractions were every 5 minutes. Extremely painful like my back is breaking. I was shouting ND screaming in the car.. we reached went to labour room. I was in active labour. Took six hours extreme pain. Than my doctor said looks like baby is too big to deliver,we will take her to c_ section. They called surgeon , anesthesiologist. I can clearly hear them. They were making arrangements, asking doctor for room. I was lying down helpless in pain. Suddenly I pushed last Time and baby popped out. Than no pain… they put baby on my chest I was smiling…