The Augmented and Virtual Reality Eyeglass market study now available with, is a systematic detailing of the potential factors driving the

What is augmented reality? What is its uses?

Augmented reality is the amalgamation of your real surrounding with augmented text or videos or graphics or GPS data created by computer, giving you an illusion of their presence in the real world. It differs from virtual reality as VR replaces the real environment with a simulated one whereas AR brings out the components of the digital world into a person’s perceived real world.

Augmented reality can be incorporated into any device having hardware components like sensors, processors, displays and input devices. As modern day smart phones and tablets computers contain all these elements along with cameras and MEMS sensors, they are suitable platform for AR devices. At present AR technology is rendered through an optical projection system, monitors, hand held devices and wearable display system may be HMD, eyeglasses, HUD, Contact lenses, Virtual retinal display and handheld.

Augmented Reality finds its use in almost all sectors today.


A transparent display through HUD (Heads UP Display) showing data like altitude, airspeed, horizon line etc is positioned in the direct view of a fighter pilot. Whereas the ground troops use HMD which display data like enemy’s location within their line of sight.


Augmented Reality can provide the surgeon with information which is otherwise hidden, such as showing the heartbeat rate, the blood pressure, the state of the patient’s organ, etc. AR can be used to let a doctor look inside a patient by combining one source of images such as an X-ray with another such as video. Through AR surgeons can get live support on complex problems while operating.


AR can help industrial designers experience a product’s design and it’s operation before completion. Some companies use AR for comparing calculated and actual crash test imagery. AR can be used to visualize and modify a car body structure and engine layout. AR can also be used to compare digital mock-ups with physical mock-ups for finding discrepancies between them.


The largest application of AR can be now seen in the gaming industry. With the launch of games like Pokemon Go having 20 million active users, AR has demonstrated its potential growth in the field of gaming. The feel of virtual environment augmented with real doubles the fun and interest of users while playing game gives them a wow experience.

Entertainment & Advertisement

Movies like Avatar, The Matrix, Terminator, Mission Impossible, The Avengers are a few names where you can see good use of Augmented reality. In some scenes you might have seen your superheroes waving hands in the air and controlling technology and environment it’s not any superpower in reality but Augmented reality.

There are also already many apps available in the market to serve various purposes. You can read here to know more about it’s use and present AR apps.