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Does Logan “Wolverine” have a biological child?

Wolverine is a living weapon, a beast clothed in man flesh, and a loner with more baggage than an airplane; and yet, he’s strangely popular with the ladies, having coupled with some of Marvel’s finest females, including Storm, Elektra, Jean Grey, Mystique, Red Sonja and even Madame Hydra. With some of these lucky ladies he fathered children. That’s right, Wolverine’s a baby-daddy!

Of course, Logan is hardly Father of the Year, having never known most of his children; we’re not referring just to the two children you may be familiar with, either! In fact, Wolverine has fathered more than 15 kids, nearly all of them being mutants who have inherited some form of Wolverine’s abilities as well as their mother’s. CBR counts down 15 of Wolverine’s most feral children.

15 Daken

Originally born as Akihiro, Daken is a darker version of his father, having served on a team called the Dark Avengers. It doesn’t help that his two most defining personality traits are “cold and manipulative.” Daken first appears in “Wolverine Origins” #10 by Daniel Way and Steve Dillon. Much later, it was revealed that Wolverine met Daken’s mother Itsu while sojourning in Japan, but before Daken was even born, Itsu was murdered by the Winter Soldier on the orders of Romulus, who then cut him from his mother’s womb and placed him on the doorstep of a wealthy Japanese couple.

Daken grew up being mercilessly teased by the children in his village, who named him “Daken,” meaning “bastard” or “mongrel dog,” so needless to say, he was a little bitter. In his first appearance, Wolverine is imprisoned by S.H.I.E.L.D., so Daken infiltrates the facility and introduces himself to his pops… by slashing him across the stomach and leaving him to bleed out. That’s hardly a picture-perfect reunion. Over the years, father and son have clashed again and again, often because Daken has been under the influence of Romulus or working for supervillains such as Norman Osborn. Daken’s abilities and bone claws are similar to Wolverine’s, although he doesn’t possess an adamantium skeleton.

14 X-23

Unlike Daken, X-23 managed to overcome her troubled past and find redemption, eventually becoming Wolverine after her father died. This year’s excellent “Logan” movie spins its own version of her creation and her eventual reunion with her father. Her comic book origin story was revealed in “X-23: Innocence Lost” where an organization known only as the Facility hire renowned geneticist Sarah Kinney to recreate Weapon X. Sarah is forced to carry the baby herself, which turns out to be female, and from the age of 11, X-23 is already an expert assassin.

Despite meeting her father and escaping the Facility, she works as a teenage prostitute and a nightclub dancer before finally joining the Xavier Institute. Once enrolled, she bonds with her father and Jubilee (who also sees Wolvie as a father figure), and it’s not long before X-23 becomes a valued member of the X-Men, often taking on important missions from Cyclops. X-23 also possesses most of Wolverine’s abilities, although only her bone claws (two in each arm and one in each foot), have been bonded with adamantium.



Not much is known about this next son of Wolverine. In “Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure” #1, Wolverine is on one of his many adventures when an assassin attempts to eliminate him. Wolverine tracks the mysterious assassin to the Savage Land, the tropical prehistoric world that’s somehow hidden in Antarctica; home to Sauron the energy stealing “were-odactyl” and other dinosaurs. While there, Wolverine encounters the Fire tribe, a hunter-gatherer society, led by warrior chief, Gachk.

The Fire tribe are unaware of mutants and thus believe Wolverine to be some kind of supernatural creature, leading Gachk to challenge him to single combat as a test. Wolverine defeats her and takes her place as tribal chief for a time, eventually becoming Gachk’s lover and killing a dinosaur or two along the way. As is normally the case, Wolverine then returns to his own lands, unaware that Gachk is pregnant with his son, a boy that she would come to name Erista. So far, Erista is yet to make an appearance as a grown man.



Imagine a shape-shifter with bone claws, healing factor and super senses. Sounds pretty terrifying, right? Meet Raze Darkholme, son of Wolverine and Mystique, a time-travelling mutant whose shape-shifting powers are even more powerful than his mother’s; a villain bent on destroying the X-Men and getting revenge on Wolverine. Raze arrives in “Battle of the Atom” #1 disguised as an older version of Kitty Pryde, warning the X-Men of the present that the time displaced X-Men, who are currently with them, must return to their place in the timeline in order to avert a catastrophe.

It’s a complicated story and Raze masquerades as several of the X-Men, even fooling Wolverine, before revealing himself and stabbing his father with his bone claws. Raze then goes on to remove all non-mutants from Earth, using a special device, in order to make room for refugee mutants from alternate earths. It’s also revealed that in his own future, he hunted down Mystique and murdered her.



Rina Logan

When your dad is an X-Man and your mom is a highly-trained assassin, who also happens to be filthy rich, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you won’t turn out like everyone else. This is what happens in the MC2 universe, a possible alternate future for the Marvel 616, when Wolverine marries Elektra and they have a daughter. Their daughter Rina, aka Wild Thing, ends up becoming a high school superhero, saving a classmate from a kidnapper, defeating a tech savvy assassin, stopping a demonic invader and destroying her Prime Sentinel teacher.

In this alternate future, mom and dad are still around, with Elektra portrayed as a doting mother, who is still a badass, and their family is more or less happy together. Rina possesses many of her father’s mutant abilities including accelerated healing, superhuman senses, strength and endurance. She also has a set of Psi-Claws that are generated with psychokinetic energy, a trick she learned from her godmother Psylocke. Other heroes also fear her, seeing that she’s just as dangerous as her father.



Every family has at least one black sheep, and Wolverine’s was no different. Although Rina Logan became a hero, her half-brother Hudson, aka Sabreclaw, did not. Hailing from Earth-982, he spurned his father’s heroic legacy in favor of a life of crime. Perhaps he was angry at his father for cheating on his mother with Elektra? We’ll never know, and whomever his mother was, she certainly wasn’t pretty because, despite being Wolverine’s son, Hudson Logan bears a greater resemblance to Sabretooth, which has got to be a kick in the teeth for his father.

Sabreclaw’s list of crimes include savagely attacking his half-sister and leaving her for dead, and joining the Revengers and the Sinister Six. However, Hudson did eventually turn a new leaf, joining the good guys in opposing Galactus and helping the Avengers defeat Sylene, the daughter of Loki. Hudson possesses superior strength to his father and half-sister and wears adamantium sheathes to augment the damage his claws do.




Continuing on with our theme of Wolverine’s powerful mutants babies, is Kendall Logan, aka Torrent. Born on Earth-9811, an alternate reality created by the godlike Beyonder, who assembled heroes and villains to fight on a planet called Battleworld, Kendall is the result of a relationship between Wolverine and Storm. After the heroes and villains decided to end their fighting on Battleworld, many of them settled down to raise families on the planet that was a patchwork of hundreds of earths from alternate realities.

Kendall possesses a unique set of abilities, the main ones being weather manipulation and accelerated healing. As a teenager, she accompanies the children of the other heroes back to Earth but in true “Sliders” style, they end up arriving on the wrong Earth, with this one overrun by Sentinels that have wiped out most of the mutant population. The superhero kids realize that they’ve found their destiny, resolving to free Earth from Sentinel control.



Although not a mutant, nor a blood relative of Wolverine, Amiko Kobayashi holds a dear place in Wolverine’s heart. It all began after the events of “Secret Wars,” when the X-Men returned to Earth and found themselves in Tokyo. Unfortunately, Kitty Pryde’s pet dragon also followed them and didn’t adjust well to its new home, setting fire to the entire city. The fire took the life of a young woman and with her last breath, she begged Wolverine to care for her daughter.

Young Amiko was entrusted to Wolverine’s fiancee, Mariko Yashida, who was soon assassinated by the Hand, and Amiko was placed in the foster care system. After several years, Wolverine entrusted her to the ronin Yukio and later the Silver Samurai, who would both care for and train her as a ninja. Although she doesn’t have powers, as the last descendant of the Shosei Clan, Amiko is destined to become the future Mystical Guardian of Japan, which will inevitably grant her great aptitude with magic. In “Days of Future Past,” Amiko is a Ninja Master named Midnight, who bests Wolverine in combat and helps the remaining X-Men take out the Hellfire Club.



First appearing in “X-Men: Alpha” #1, Mariko Yashida is the daughter of influential crime boss Shingen Harada and the step-sister of the Silver Samurai, who serves as her bodyguard. It’s not long before she lands herself in trouble with a rival Yakuza gang, after sabotaging the games in their VR arcades and in retaliation the Yakuza gang attempt to kidnap her, but thanks to the intervention of Wolverine they fail. Logan and Mariko then begin a whirlwind romance, but unlike on Earth-616, instead of being assassinated, Mariko becomes pregnant with Logan’s child.

The comics offer two different versions of this event, on Earth-295 Mariko gives birth to Kirika (see next item), but on Earth-1298, she gives birth to Brian and Mari, who first appear in “Mutant X” #28. In this issue, the children have grown up without their father, who has stayed away from them for their own protection, but it isn’t long before Sabretooth comes to call, hoping to use the children to lure Wolverine back into the Weapon X program.



Born on Earth-295, Kirika was conceived when Wolverine met and fell in love with her mother Mariko whilst visiting Japan. As a child, Kirika grew up hearing stories of her father, hoping that one day he would return, but unfortunately she was captured by Nathaniel Essex, Apocalypse’s first horsemen on Earth-295. For years Kirika remained in his lab, held in a vat labelled “X-23.” After Apocalypse’s demise, Magneto found and freed her, and that’s when things really got interesting.

At her request, he bonded her skeleton with adamantium; once she had joined the X-Men, he tasked her with bringing Wolverine back to the team. Her mission succeeded and it wasn’t long before father and daughter began to bond. Tragically, Earth-295’s Wolverine became Weapon Omega in order to save the world from aliens, lost his mind and then vaporized his daughter in “Uncanny X-Force” #12. At the same time, Earth-616’s Wolverine was visiting Earth-295 with his X-Men and when he found her charred remains, he was less than pleased.



After the devastating events of the miniseries “Ultimatum,” which saw most of the original X-Men killed by Magneto and his cronies, including ripping the adamantium from Wolverine’s bones, a new team of X-Men emerge in the “Ultimate X” series. In “Ultimate X” #1, we meet Jimmy Hudson, son of town sheriff James Hudson, whose powers manifest in public when his mangled body begins healing instantly after a car wreck. He returns home to find Kitty Pryde, one of the last surviving X-Men, waiting for him with a box of Wolverine’s things, including a holographic message from Logan that says he is Jimmy’s real father.

Jimmy’s life is then thrown into disarray as he tracks down other mutants, including Jean Grey, and is nearly killed by Sabretooth, who wishes to kill him as a substitute for the deceased Wolverine. He also gets to meet his father during the events of “Secret Wars” when Jean Grey and Emma Frost bring Old Man Logan to the X-Mansion. Jimmy possesses all of his father’s abilities as well as a mysterious power that enables him to coat his claws in organic metal.



There was a time when Wolverine did manage to settle down and have a family, but unfortunately he chose to do it in a dystopian future ruled by the Hulk Gang, the degenerate descendants of the Hulk, who took control of California and sired abominable children with his cousin She-Hulk. Three of these ogres turn up at Old Man Logan’s farm at the beginning of the self-titled miniseries, demanding that he pay rent. Logan is behind on his payments and receives a beating in front of his family, which he gracefully accepts because he has renounced violence.

In order to make enough money for rent, Logan is forced to embark on a long journey with Hawkeye, but upon his return he discovers that his entire family has been murdered by the Hulk Gang because they got bored. He then repays the favor by murdering all of them, including Bruce Banner, who attempts to eat him alive. After “Secret Wars,” Logan travels back in time (somehow) to kill the Hulk and stop these events from ever happening. That doesn’t go according to plan, as can be seen in the ongoing series, “Old Man Logan.”



After Old Man Logan wipes out the Hulk Gang, he rides off into the sunset with the last surviving member of Bruce Banner’s family, his grandson Hulk Jr., who also happened to be Banner’s favorite. Logan forsakes his former identity as the Wolverine and becomes the Hooded Man, raising Hulk Jr. to be a force for good. Together, they retake the United States, joining with the Fantastic Four and other heroes to form the New Defenders.

First appearing in “What If?” #34, Hulk Jr. goes on to have a long and successful career as a superhero, possessing all of his grandfather’s abilities and none of his weaknesses, i.e. uncontrollable rage. Five hundred years into the future, Earth is dying, so Hulk Jr. builds a device that will bring everyone on his earth to Earth-616. But before it can be used, Galactus arrives to consume the planet, only to be defeated by the heroes who then use him to power the device.



In “Savage Wolverine” by writer/artist Jock, Logan finds himself on a far flung planet in the Marvel Universe, isolated from civilization. While there, he encounters Kouen, a boy who seems to be another clone of Wolverine, possessing many of the same features and abilities as Logan himself. It’s eventually revealed that the boy was created by mysterious scientists who believed Logan to the missing link needed to create a master race.

For unknown reasons, they initially send the boy to kill Logan (not sure why they thought this would work out) but Kouen ends up siding with Wolverine to take out those hunting him. Together, they search for a way off the planet and Wolverine begins to bond with his “son,” who helps him to destroy the other imperfect clones that they discover in a shady lab in issue #11. It’s implied that Kouen won’t live for long due to his adamantium bonded skeleton restricting his bones from growing to full size.



We saved the best for last, and this one is a real tearjerker. Wolverine has had countless enemies and excluding the Hulk Gang, none have hurt him quite as much as the Red Right Hand. Formed by a group of people who had all been tragically affected by Wolverine, the Red Right Hand was an organization committed to Wolverine’s downfall, planning to send his soul to hell. Of all the Red Right Hand’s members, none hated Wolverine more than the Mongrels, a group of mercenary mutants who volunteered to personally destroy Wolverine’s life.

Wolverine encounters them in “Wolverine” Vol. 4 #10 after being lured to their base in Mexico, and there an epic battle begins. Although each of the Mongrels is a skilled combatant, Wolverine bests and kills them one by one. Only after this does he find out that Gunhawk, Shadowstalker, Fire Knives, Saw Fist and Cannon Foot were all his children, leaving him devastated. To honor them, Wolverine buries his slain children with their mothers. It never ends well for Wolverine!