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What are the best tools and practices to set up a community calendar?

I’m a co-founder in a company called Hubvine ( Our goal is to make promoting events and hosting community calendars easier. There are two specific issues we are trying to solve on our short-term road map:

Event submission process: Event owners (more specifically, those that promote events) are faced with an incredibly tedious process to submit their events to calendars – one person described it to us as a “soul-sucking” process. For example, let’s say an event owner wants to promote an event to 10 different calendars. That’s 10 different web forms that have to filled out – each with their own data fields and requirements, which likely means that there’ll need to be about 10 different event description variations.

Event approval process: Community owners – those that host the community calendar – also have a tough task in front of them. If you are using web forms or email, it’s likely spam is a large portion of the events submitted. Then there’s the process of taking what was submitted and turning it into a usable event listing on your own web site.

We’ve addressed these two areas by providing event owners with one web form to fill out – and it works for all calendars in the Hubvine network. Just fill out the form once, then submit it to as many calendars as you have access to.

For community owners, there are several safeguards in place to minimize spam. First, we give the community owner control over who has permission to submit events. Second, we provide a simple moderation process to allow/deny events to be listed on your calendar. To approve an event, you click on the “approve” button, and the event is automatically listed. No copy-and-pasting, no reformatting, just a simple way to get events listed.