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Have you ever had a deceased relative give you a sign of afterlife after you talked about it while alive?

Sign of afterlife, yes definitely.

This, I have posted here before

In 1996 our daughter Janne was hit by a car and killed. This happened in Copenhagen. The first year and a half after her death I had quite a few unexplainable experiences, which occurred frequently especially when I was “down in the dark hole.”

Four years after her death my wife, Ilse and I had a powerful experience when Dea – who was a friend of Janne – came to visit. She brought us a tape-recording from her mother, Lis. Dea’s mother had through a friend been told that a Scottish lady, who is a medium, was coming to town. Dea’s mother had booked a séance with the Scottish lady, to come into contact with her mother. During the séance, the conversation suddenly took an unexpected turn. The medium said amongst other things:

– Your daughter is her name Joanna or Janna?

– No, her name is Dea.

Short pause.

– Who was Joanna, Janna, Janne? She says; “I miss her.” It’s your daughter she’s talking about.

– My daughter had a friend who was called Janne. She died in a car accident.

– Lis, your mother has brought Janne because she needs a little help. Did she die two years ago?

– No, I think it was four years ago.

– She says it was not long ago. Your mother has helped her to understand where she is. She says “I did not suffer.” This has been a great worry to her mother and her family. Was she killed in a car accident, where there were a car and a bicycle? I can see the wheels. And she says “A car and a bicycle.”

– Yes, she was riding her bike when a car hit her.

– She says the transition was very quick: “I left my body just before it was hit; only my body was hit.” It is of great importance to her that this message gets through to her parents, as they have grieved tremendously and had many worries about whether she suffered. I can feel where her body was hit. Do you know if she died straight away?

– Yes, she did.

– She says that sometime before she died, she started to give some of her things away because she knew she would not need them.

– I get the word “nurse,” was she training to become a nurse?

– No.

-This wonderful girl Janne says “Thank you for letting me through. Your mother brought me here. You have no idea how difficult it is to communicate. Your mother helped me.” There is something about a young man. Do you know if Janne had a boyfriend?

– Yes, I think so.

– She has been trying to contact him. She would very much like to contact her parents to tell them that she still exists, they just cannot see her. If you see her parents will you please give them this message from her?

– Yes.

– It was very important for her to get through because she never got the chance to say goodbye.

Never before had we received a message, which moved us as deeply as this one did because the Scottish medium does not speak our language, does not know Deas mother or any other close to her. The medium can never have known about, neither Janne or the accident.

Clairvoyant – Marion D.J.

Amongst the messages we received from the Scottish medium, was also an encouragement to contact a medium ourselves. During a visit to London in the autumn of 2001, we had the first opportunity to do this. In a television broadcast, my wife and I had viewed a Danish lady who lives in London and is a medium. We had just planned a trip to London and therefore called the television studio to find out if it was possible to get her phone number. The TV Studio said, they would contact the lady to hear if they could give us the number. A little later, the Studio called back with the number. My wife called the lady in London and got an appointment.

At this time, we feel the need to stress: That we had not previously met Marion that we gave her no information prior to the séance That we, during the séance, only confirmed or denied Marion’s information This is a short summary from our sitting:

Soft and tranquil music is playing in the background. We are sitting in Marion’s comfortable living room. Marion exclaims: – Yes, I hear you. Turned towards us, Marion says: – There is a young girl who would like to get through. The back of my head hurts, and so does my right upper arm. There is something about a hospital; did somebody die in a hospital?

– No, we answered. Marion continues: – I feel a jolt on my right side; something has hit her. She says; “I did not suffer, I left my body quickly.” She is very sorry that she never got to say goodbye. She says; “The accident was not my fault – nobody is to blame.” Did you go to a hospital to identify her?

– Yes, we went to a hospital to identify her.

– There is something about food, did she just eat, or was she unable to eat anything?

– She had been visiting a friend and had dinner there.

– There were several people around her when she died. Not the ones in the car but some other people. Did you know this?

– No, we didn’t know but it is possible.

– You were there when she was laid in the coffin. You put a lot of things into the coffin with her. They were put on both sides of her. She laughs and says; “They almost stuffed it down around me. It is still with me.” You also put something very personal inside that she cared a lot about. Amongst the things put there were some letters. There was a pressed flower in one of these letters. Did you know this?

– No, we didn’t know what was in the letters. They were put in with all the things that had been placed at the scene of the accident. Among other things, there were quite a few teddy bears. The personal item could be one of her own teddies or her silk sheets which she liked a lot.

– Who is named Åse?

– That doesn’t ring any bells.

(Åse is not a common name anymore, but was used in the old days).

– But there is a Åse because I keep getting the name so she must be there. Remember to ask Janne’s friends when you get home. Apparently, it is important.

– Who is Marianne? – That does not ring any bells either. – Was your daughter good at English? Some of the information is delivered to me in English.

– Yes, she was.

– What was the name of your daughter?

Her name was Janne.

– It is possible that I have picked up the name Marianne instead of Janne. You have a very large picture of her on the wall in your living room, almost like a painting. It feels like she is following you with her eyes when you walk around the room.

– Yes, that is correct.

– She is singing a song now. It is the Danish song; “I Østen stiger solen op.” Does that mean anything to you?

– Yes, she practiced singing it a lot when she was training for her entrance examination at the music school.

– You have either a cat or a dog at home. It’s sick; there is something wrong with its liver. You have to prepare yourself that it won’t be around for much longer. Janne will receive it when it crosses over, because animals go to the other side too.

– Yes, that’s true our cat has a sick liver, it is on diet foods.

– She is talking about her grave now; you have a candle burning there.

– Yes.

– Some of her friends have placed different things on the grave, not that long ago something very beautiful was placed there along with a wreath or a heart. That brought great joy to her.

– Yes, that’s correct. A very beautiful poem was laid down along with a wreath and a teddy bear.

– There is something about her room. What have you done to her room?

– We have moved her belongings to another room.

– She laughs and says: “All my things are still there.”

– Yes, they are still there.

– She says it will be her birthday soon.

– Yes, in twelve days.

– Kjeld, did Janne owe you money?

– No.

– What is it then, with the twenty-five Danish crowns?

Ilse smiles and answers; – On the last night as Janne was leaving, she came up to me and said; “Mum I didn’t get to the bank today and I don’t have any cash. Can you lend me some change?” I had twenty-five crowns on me, which I gave her.

After our visit at Marion’s, we asked several of Janne´s acquaintances if the name Åse meant anything to them but without result. One evening Janne´s friend Dea came visiting.

– Does the name Åse mean anything to you? Ilse asked.

– Yes, Dea answered. That was my grandmother. She was the one who helped Janne send you a greeting through the Scottish medium.

A couple of months after our visit to Marion we had to have Janne´s cat “Jaymiz” put to sleep, due to its illness.

Clairvoyant – Nita S. (Scottish medium)

In the early spring of 2003, we had our first opportunity to visit the Scottish medium. (3 years after we received the tape from Dea and 7 years after Janne was killed.) Nita neither speaks Danish nor does she understand it. She didn’t receive any information prior to the séance either. Just as we only confirmed or denied Nita’s information during the séance. Before we left home, we talked about bringing something which had belonged to Janne. Ilse found her gold bracelet and a small gold crucifix but eventually decided only to bring two photographs of Janne, which she had in her purse. The sitting, which lasted about an hour, was taped and this is a short excerpt;

Nita started by telling us that she had been concentrating on the upcoming sitting for about 15 minutes before we arrived. There had been 4 spirits present, of whom one was a young person, who had a wonderful radiation of the color pink. This person was in very high spirits and eager to get through.

– Yes, you have a child in the spiritual world. Have you lost a daughter?

– Yes.

– In her room lies – either on a chair or on her bed – a large teddy bear, not a real teddy bear but more like an animal. She says; “It’s still there.”

– Yes, on her bed is a large walrus teddy.

– She is talking about some new clothes she had just bought, which she was wearing when the accident happened. Had she just bought a new T-shirt?

– Yes, she was wearing it.

– She was annoyed that it had been ruined by blood. She says; “Mum spoke to Christine the other morning and I was with you.” Who is Christine?

– It is her cousin and yes, it’s true, I meet and talked to Christine the other morning.

– You have recently looked at some old pictures she painted as a child.

– Yes, we had them framed and hung them on the wall.

– She says; “There are so many pictures of me in the apartment but I’m alone in all of them. There are none with the three of us together.” You have a picture, which was taken on a holiday – a snapshot with the three of you together. You have to put it in the small frame with gold edging. Where do you have a small frame with gold edging?

– It is in our kitchen and yes, we do have a lot of pictures of Janne.

– She asks me to thank you for all the candles that have been lit for her. Shortly before your daughter died, she knew that something big was going to happen. Dad’s grandmother received her. Janne recognized her from pictures she had seen previously. She also says; “And then I saw Michael.” Who is Michael?

– It doesn’t mean anything to us. *

– She knew Michael when she was younger but then he disappeared out of my life she says. – We don’t know.

* Michael could be a boy around Janne´s age. They were playmates when they were about 6 – 8 years old. At some time, Michael and his family moved from the area. We have later been told that Michael died when he was about 16 years old.

– She says; “I didn’t feel any pain and I wasn’t afraid. I asked Dad’s Grandmother where we were going to and she said that we were going home.” Was she hit by a car?

– Yes.

– Do you know if she was killed instantly?

– Yes, she was.

– She tells me that there was a memorial service at the school she used to attend. She was very pleased with this. There is something about a house that you considered selling. She is happy that you didn’t do it.

– Yes, we did consider selling the summer house.

– Did you have a dog or a cat? – Yes, we had a cat. – She says; “It’s with me right now.”

– Yes, we are sure about that.

Nita stretches out her hand and shows Ilse a gold bracelet and says:

– Your daughter says that you have one just like it and that you have a gold crucifix too. She says that you have them but the real ones are with her. She also says; “I had a good life but my time with you was over. It was not an accident but my time had come to an end. I had no control over what happened. There is a time to be born – and a time to die and no one can change that.” You have a lot of her toys. Amongst other things you have a doll sitting somewhere and you have a piano in your living room on which she used to play.

– Yes, that is all correct.

– Shortly after her death, you went on vacation to Venice and a couple of other places. “I was with you,” she says.

– Yes, we went to Venice and some other places.

– Who is Anne? – That doesn’t mean anything to us.

– What was your daughters’ name?

Her name was Janne.

– Oh, I’m sorry. I heard it as Anne. It can be difficult to get hold of names sometimes because their communication is so unbelievably fast compared to ours. She thanks you for her grave being so beautiful. There is a tree at one side of the grave; it blooms in spring with some very beautiful flowers.

– Yes, it’s a Japanese Cherry tree.

– She says; “I’m not there but it’s my little garden.”

– We know that she is not there.

– She says she likes what you have done with the bathroom. What have you done?

– We had it modernized last year and we had the walls painted in a color that she liked.

– And Mum has got a new bedspread, it’s very pretty.

– Ilse laughs and answers “Yes, I changed the bedspread last year.”

– She also tells that you were met with a lot of sympathy from a lot of people when she died. Your home was filled with flowers on the days after her death. She says; “It looked like a florist’s”.

– Yes, our living room was filled with flowers.

– Janne loved flowers because they are pure spirit and it’s easier for a spirit to visit places where there are living flowers.

Where Janne is now, she is working as a kind of nurse to help those who have recently died and who don’t know that they are dead. And also, those who have come over very weak and who need recreation. She is in a kind of a hospital or convalescent home, which is made of rocks that can breathe and it contains all the colors there exist. She says; “It’s so wonderful to be able to explain to them that they are not dead but simply living in a different world.” Janne goes to concerts too, she loves music. It is known that many great musicians have passed over to the other side and they still like to play. And the tickets here are free, she says laughing. She also says “Thank you” for the words you have written in her memory. Where did you write her name?

– We have written a book.

– Yes, it is a book and with it, you help others. Through your book, you have contact with others who have also lost a child. Amongst them, you have come in contact with a person whose son died from a drug overdose. It was not an accident. Somebody had to learn from his death so that they could meet at the same level later on. There are different levels on the other side. To be able to meet you have to be on the same level. You can compare it to that rich and poor on Earth do not socialize because they are not on the same level.

– Yes, amongst others we are in touch with a person whose son died from a drug overdose.

– Everybody who dies young gives generously from themselves so that others can learn, the death of all children is a lesson to others. Nothing is a coincidence. The young man, who drove the car, which killed Janne, had an agreement that he would help in the right time and the right place. You see everything is very complex but still very simple. You are here now to help others and you receive a lot of help from the other side. Janne died so that you could learn, and so that the three of you can meet at the same level later on. She is a very old and a very beautiful soul. Your daughter has a great sense of humor. She says that there were two police officers at your apartment shortly after the accident and that one of the officers was young. “He was good-looking,” she says.

– Yes, one of the police officers was a young man.

-“Dad has given up smoking,” says Janne. She is pleased because she did not like the smell. But you still have an ashtray on the table.

– Yes, I gave it up a couple of years ago. And yes, we still keep the ashtray on the table for our visitors.

– She talks about receiving a card for her birthday.

– Kjeld’s brother and sister-in-law place flowers on her grave for her birthday and such days. There is a card for Janne with the flowers.

– She says “Thank you, I receive it.”

– You went to church at Christmas and you lit a candle for her. It made her very happy.

– Yes, we were in a church where we took part in a very beautiful memorial service shortly before Christmas, which had been arranged by the Parent Association “We have lost a child,” and each couple lit a candle for their child.

– How is your leg Dad, did you fall on the stairs?

– Yes, I fell on some stone stairs a couple of weeks ago, but I am fine now – Thank you.

– And how is your hair Mum?

– It is fine again

– Does one of you have a brother or a sister that has had cancer?

– No, it’s me. I had Radio- and chemotherapy.

– Now I understand why she asked about your hair. She says that your cancer has cleared up now. It happened after the accident because then – in your subconsciousness – you absolutely did not care whether you lived or not. But it was important that you finished your life and Janne sent many doctors and healers to you. – Did you ever hear the doorbell ring without anyone being there?

– Yes, it has happened a few of times.

– You have also had sounds coming from your kitchen. Janne says; “Am I smart or am I just smart”?

– I do not believe what I hear – this is incredible – Yes, we have had a lot of sounds from the kitchen. When Janne was at school she sometimes used the phrase; “Am I smart or am I just smart.”

Turned towards Ilse, Nita says the following; – She tells me that you have two photographs in your purse that you would like to show me. After I showed Nita the pictures she says; – Janne is asking you to buy a bunch of tulips and a bunch of daffodils on the way home. Put the two bunches in the same vase. She says; “Dad will have to pay for the flowers but they are from me.”


In the first four years after Janne’s death, we thought sometimes; “will we receive a message from Janne, if we contact a medium”? We were a little bit skeptical, and we would probably have continued in being so if we hadn’t been given “a shove.”

When we received the first very precise message from Janne, about four years after her death, through Dea’s mother and the Scottish medium Nita S. Janne gave us the impression that it was difficult for her to communicate with the physical world. Nita heard the word “nurse” in a communication and asked if Janne had been working as a nurse. During our visit with Marion D.J., we sensed a development in Janne compared to the first message. At our meeting with Nita S. – seven years after Janne’s death – we clearly sensed that further development had taken place. The communication flowed quickly and with an incredible amount of details, for instance about what had just happened at our place. And we were told that Janne was now occupied as a “kind of nurse,” the word, which in the first message had made no sense at all. Nita S. finished off by saying that it was always a pleasure communicating with young people because they were always surrounded by so much energy. To us, these messages have a priceless value. They have been of tremendous help – getting us through our grief.

My wife and I wrote a book about our experiences. The unexplainable parts start on page 43 The book can be downloaded totally free from; ADCRF (After Death Communication Research Foundation.)