At 20 years old he dropped out of college to become a real estate agent with big dreams to become the best in the world. By 23, he was a self-made millionaire

What are the big names in real-estate coaching?

If you want someone to go easy on you, Bufini is the way to go. It focuses on referrals and positioning you as a local expert to your database. It starts around $129 dollars a month, which is not bad at all, considering it has its own CRM.

Do you want someone to kick you into gear and make no apology about it, go to Mike Ferry. He is a tough cookie, but is all about the hard close, and earning the business by all means necessary. It also comes at $1,000 per month, and a year contract that you won’t be related from, should you get cold feet.

If you want friendly, knowledgeable and approachable, go to Tom Ferry. I have no idea as to the prices.

I would say, download every possible resource and research as much as you can before making a commitment.

Best of luck.