A new virtual reality tool is allowing people to step into the world of an Alzheimer’s patient so they can see how difficult everyday life can be — even doing

I have an idea for a Virtual Reality app, where can I find a developer?

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The world of virtual reality technology is a fun and exciting one which throws up many alternative ways of learning for discussion.

Virtual reality immerses a user into a 3-dimensional world. A flurry of new VR-based devices has helped in taking the technology to the masses.


  1. Immersive Training: Virtual reality is finding valuable benefit in the field of dangerous-environment training, without putting people in those environments in the first place. Pilot, doctor and firefighter training are some of the examples. Immersive VR-enabled training helps increase expertise without putting people in hazardous situations. It expects that such training will extend to many other sectors.
  2. Computer-Aided Designing: Using virtual reality, it is now possible to experience the structure that you want to build. It makes VR technology a valuable asset for designers, architects, and engineers. You can identify flaws and opportunities and create better and safer designs.
  3. Conferencing: Another benefit of using virtual reality is that it can allow your teams to engage in digital conferences and meetings. It takes the level of interaction beyond Skype. You will not only be able to see others; you will be able to find yourself sitting next to them in the same room.
  4. More Interactive Education: Virtual reality can take interactive learning to the next level, making it even easier to understand things. You will be able to leave deeper impressions on the student’s mind by showing them how things work instead of reading them. It will become easier to understand new concepts and make education much more useful.
  5. Medical Applications: There is a new therapy in the medical field – virtual reality therapy. It allows health specialists to allow their patients to face and fight their fears. Depression and anxiety have largely remained untreated so far, but VR technology is expected to open new avenues and opportunities in this field to find better treatments. It can also use for fighting or treat PTSD.

At Webclues Infotech We develop using emerging technologies – augmented reality, motion capture and computer vision – to create next-generation platforms that change the way people interact with digital content.

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