ORLEANS — A series of bills kicking around in the Statehouse would allow municipalities to opt into a law that would attach a real estate transfer tax to certain

Chicago’s population has declined for four years in a row, yet the population of affluent areas continues to increase. Why is this happening?

1. The impending demise of the middle class. The middle class neighborhoods used to be more than half of the city, but in the past 50 years, have been dismantled, crushed and neglected. The middle class probably makes up 20 percent of Chicago now. I live in one of the few, and mine just got gerrymandered to death, in order to make it a primarily Hispanic voting bloc. They’ve declared nearby areas as section 8 housing from what I’m told, and you can tell the new residents aren’t taking care of it. Lawns are turning into jungles, trash is starting to pile up in gutters and on peoples’ lawns, and broken things aren’t being fixed anymore. It’s all deteriorating at an alarming rate. Which brings us to…

2. The city is awash in identity politics. Despite the fact I kinda like what Mayor Lightfoot is doing as far as trying to change corrupt practices, only time will tell us if it’s actually sincere. You can’t ignore that she’s the pinnacle of the stupid intersectionality pyramid, being black, female, and gay. Holy crap, we’ve hit the trifecta, now we can all ride around on unicorns with rainbow manes while a smiling sun shines down on us and the trees sway to the singing of the flowers, squirrels, birds, bees, panhandlers, heroin addicts, muggers, thieves, and violent felons of every persuasion. And before we get into environmental impact, unicorn farts are entirely carbon-neutral. We’ve got that covered, too.

3. We’re being crushed by taxes. This is due to #1 and #4. Property taxes are getting out of control, taxes on everything else are being raised while the “lawmakers” pocket huge chunks of taxpayer money in form of subsidies for pet projects, payouts, handouts, and jobs (with ridiculous salaries), to partners in crime, family members, political supporters, and members of the politicians’ churches. All that money is siphoned off while the infrastructure is left to rot, or streets are completely repaved every few years to give someone’s cousin (the contractor) construction jobs that pay BIG (and only get bigger when projects go over time and WAY over budget). When politicians dip their greedy little hands into peoples’ pension funds and rob them, they tell us that “WE” need to pony up and fund the difference. Meaning the taxpayers, not themselves. They’re voting themselves a nice fat double-digit percentage pay raise.

4. Obvious corruption. Things like Aldermen involved in the planning of urban infrastructure projects (orange line anyone?) who buy up cheap real estate along the planned route, then selling the property for BIG BUCKS to the city. All this is approved by the crooks who are profiting from it, by the way. Or perhaps aldermen retiring right after elections so their replacements are APPOINTED, rather than elected. The systematic abuse of loopholes to shove the (only) political party’s will down everyone’s throats without any say in the matter…yeah, it’s really that corrupt and reaching dizzying new lows every day. Enough said.

Add the fact Crook *cough* COOK county and the state itself are also hopelessly corrupt and controlled by Chicago, meaning they double- and triple-dip when it comes to tax raises.

There’s a lot more, and it’s a wonderful city if you can afford it, or are politically connected, but the rest of us get fucked. That simple. I’m sure I’ll think of more in time but those are the four that really stand out.