It’s time to buy or sell a house. You jump online to find a representative who can help you navigate the world of real estate. Some identify as a real estate agent,

What is the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate broker?

Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is someone who’s licensed to sell property in their state. Requirements for licensing usually involves taking classes and passing a state-administered exam.

Generally, a real estate agent can act on behalf of the buyer, the seller or both (thought this is not legal in all states and requires the consent of both parties). A buyer’s agent helps buyers throughout the home-buying process, from showing you homes, submitting purchase offers, finding the right house to the closing, negotiating with the seller, writing up the sales agreement and arranging the closing.

A seller’s agent (also known as a listing agent) works with individuals who are trying to sell their home. Their job is to represent the seller’s interests, help in establishing a selling price, list the property, and conduct open houses and negotiating offers.

Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker is someone who’s licensed to run their own real estate company. The requirements to become a real estate broker vary from state to state but in general, you need to have experience as a real estate agent, complete an advanced real estate courses and pass a state-administered exam. The day-to-day duties of a real estate broker may vary but their primary role is to act as a mediator for buyers, sellers and their respective agents.

The main difference between an agent and a broker is that real estate agents are employed by a real estate broker and are not allowed to work independently, whereas real estate brokers can work independently or employ one or more licensed real estate agents.