There are many different forms of passive income you can create from real estate which can prove especially useful in retirement. In some ways the term

What is the best way to make a passive income in real estate?

Well, there is a way that many investors have been using for decades where you can start literally today. By far the most Risk-free way to invest you will ever come across.

Does not involve:

  • Any use of your credit – You can have a .45 credit score and it would not matter
  • No loans of any kind
  • Not doing any repairs
  • Never going to look at a single property – The entire strategy is done online virtually
  • Does not matter what the current market is doing
  • Can be done from anywhere in the world

Almost every other strategy requires some sort of risk where it is possible to lose money.

NOT THIS STRATEGY!  I am sure you may have heard of it by now.

The strategy is where you “buy” a property (without using any of your money or getting a loan) then immediately sell it the same day with a markup of $10k+. All profit. This is done every single day.

You can see the free training here that will walk you through the entire process for free and you can see for yourself.

Hope this helps