This is excellent news, of course, but your first foray into virtual reality can be quite overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing which games to buy first.

Should I get PlayStation VR or Oculus Quest? I have a PS4 and am concerned the Quest will have just simple gimmick games but the Quest’s tracking and controllers sound more advanced.

I’d recommend the Quest over the PSVR for most cases. Right now the library of titles for Quest may seem sparse (because it is) but that isn’t going to be the case forever. The Quest and the Rift S are both designed to make it relatively painless to convert titles built for the PC over to the Quest’s hardware once Oculus releases their full SDK. As such I’m fairly confident we’re going to see a huge number of PC titles ported over to the Quest over the next few months – as most VR devs quite literally can’t afford to be picky about which platforms they’ll support. And Oculus seems much more willing to subsidize the development of new VR releases than Sony.

That said, the limitations of the Quest’s SoC and onboard memory does mean that a few really big titles like Skyrim are probably never going to make it over to the Quest. So if that’s what you’re after, I’d say you’ll need to either stick with the PSVR or start saving up for a computer capable of driving a Rift S.